How do local sites get good Baidu rankings

              a place to stand, get in front of the position is not easy (because the local station is too much, the government has a lot of, I do stand) local communities for 8 months, the new station finally row on the first page of Baidu, can bring hundreds of flow every day.

first, choose a good domain name and space. Domain names are best associated with local keywords. Domain name is best gov or org suffix, this is a very important aspect. Also pay attention to keyword density, but also pay attention to, can not be too much (between three and four best).

second, it is very important to choose good keywords (my site is Chenzhou community, domain name does not have any advantage, keywords in Hunan Chenzhou, Chenzhou two, Chenzhou based) this keyword is very popular, and row in the first page is the government website, and my name and there is no absolute advantage, but in six months, I finally do website on the first page of the Hunan Chenzhou, the word is less basically two months on the first page of the list of Baidu. So the choice of keywords is pretty important.

third, the external link is very important, do links must check whether the other website is Baidu included. My experience is that you start exchanging links only with websites that have links to your home page. In this way, Baidu spider will be able to quickly find my web site, so it will soon get Baidu spider attention. Three months later, you can do some inside pages exchange. Of course, the link must have high quality, the best station, the old station exchange links. It is not relevant, but if the old station, stand.

fourth, the content should be skillful. Always post some inquiry information. Now, search engine users generally encounter problems, and then search, so search words are usually with questions short sentences, so that more in line with the laws of Internet search, and the results are more affordable. Such as: how much is the price of Chenzhou?

The last aspect of

is the structure of the site. Many sites ranking is not good, or there are webmaster do not have to optimize, you can get a good ranking reasons. The structure of the website should be clear and simple (I will not say more about it, because I am using Kang Sheng’s program)

from the poor writing, I hope this article to help you.

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