An entrepreneurial story for the disabled

      I was disabled, at the age of 3, suffering from polio, cause right lower limb disability, now walk on crutches. Whenever I walk in the street, often led to abnormal eyes watching me, I know, people with great compassion and sympathy have doubts for the rest of my life, but I have already quietly determined, must rely on their diligence and wisdom, I have a pair of healthy hands and unremitting self-improvement confidence, give full play to the disabled with tenacity, develop good life in the future.

with confidence

in 1992, I was admitted to Northeast Forestry University, majoring in electronic technology, because of my leg disability, many colleges do not allow me to register, so I cherish learning opportunities in the University at that time, the computer is not too much to understand, the 286386 is the mainstream machine at that time (set to 10 thousand yuan ah, only class) you can contact the computer, not to mention the Internet. In his spare time to help students use electronic appliances to repair their technical skill. The most happy thing is to go to Harbin on Saturday and Sunday near the ship, a computer next to the street, the house into the city, look at the computer, look at the installation machine, see computer company boss I recommend myself to communicate with them, only one purpose, hope that the boss will not let me go, I can stay for a while there, see for a while, with a long time, the old Board also trust, and sometimes let me help to maintain the monitor, power supply, and some board of the fault, work no less dry, I learned all the knowledge on the.

after graduation, I looked for jobs around the wall, state-owned enterprises do not accept me, there is no way, I have to face the reality of my leg disability. Remember that time my mother came to visit, each visit will tear, I never face when mom hee hee tears, I want to see my mother strong side, to go into the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and I went to work, still can feed themselves, not to increase the burden on home.

so I went to the computer company I used to work as a technician.

worked 3 years later, I returned home, I started my own business, opened a hope electronic technology maintenance center, the main maintenance of household appliances, computers and other equipment.

2005, I installed broadband on the network, through the network I understand more knowledge, encountered maintenance problems, will find the internet.

at the beginning of 2007, I had my own do stand ideas, then bought a corn ( and a 100M space, I give the website a name: Hope Electronic Technology to the space station, I will not design program, so I find online, ha, finally found a,. With, I began to add articles, and all my work related articles. I put my maintenance experience on the website. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to make money, really. Later on in a QQ communication group >