Academic school the development and innovation of school websites

as a school website, is it different from other website or commercial website, which is the exclusive visitors themselves, many of the current school website in unattended situation, some websites even by the horse, the school entered a forum inside quietly, this is many shortcomings school website.


In fact, as long as the use of

resources, can also put the school website quicker, the key is a lot of people think that this site is of little importance, there can be, have also just do things carelessly doing the specious writing. As the official website of the campus, can put the site actual conditions and their own together, for example, some teachers and students of communication, and some school notice notice, make full use of the platform of network communication.

school website is also an external window, because of the inherent educational background, some school choice students, parents or teachers can understand, and feel the atmosphere and environment of the school. At present, there are several types of school website: pure fool type, home does not update, some test content has not been removed, visitors to a frankly do not want to go to second times, which do not have to be absolutely empty, the danger of Trojan horse. Second: beautiful, useless type, even if the school’s Web site and POP do the same, but there is no substantive content, but only the sky reprinted, this will only really exist such a school and doubt. Third: this type Neiwaijianxiu, see a few, generally is a National University, high school, which has both academic thinking interaction is very strong, also have very good maintenance, but this site is rare.

the reason, or because the thoughts of people on the one hand, people come to play, the network tide cannot be denied. On the other hand, the school and the site seems to be a little community, but not as "lack of teachers" not essential, so a large number of school website caused a large part of resources the waste that is not much, and school related content, is nothing more than some of the similar profiles and pictures is very monotonous.

then, how do you build websites related to school topics? The following aspects can be taken into consideration: first, the content is fresh, you can timely increase some of the school’s recent information, and activities of the message. It doesn’t seem boring, and the school profiles and pictures are natural and realistic. Don’t copy any pictures of skyscrapers on the internet. Two, maintenance of website, if the website home page can be opened only the other columns are all the anchor links, or is unable to display, 404, these are the visitors dislike, especially the most important point, to avoid viruses and Trojans, a visit to a school website, antivirus actually there are eight risk warning software process, as can be imagined this.