How to profit from classified information websites

, according to CNNIC’s twenty-second Internet survey report, the search engine this network applications use rate as much as 69.2%. At the same time, according to IResearch’s research report, 72.9% of Internet users do not access classified information websites because the search or vertical search sites have been able to meet the demand. This gives me a question, the existence of classified information website value and core competitiveness issues.

after several years of development, the core value of classified information website has been gradually reflected, its core value is "effective organization and users through their own strength to provide real, effective, high quality of service based on user information and practical, easy to understand way to find."

Another problem is the core value of

classification information: operators or website operation how to profit, where the profit model, classified information website profit point? If you want to sound and steady development, must have a viable profit model.

classified information website to profit, you must from the classification of the site itself features, characteristics, looking for profit points:

1 and classified information websites are information aggregation based on industry classification. Contains too many sectors, such as real estate, second-hand market, recruitment, automobile, life services, business services and so on, this is not the only one, so, in the face of so many industries, how to promote, how and with professional website competition, how to reflect the professional differences, our website, is a problem that must be solved. When solving these problems, I believe the website profit point out, Guiping classification of my website, the current focus on real estate, medical treatment, because we have this industry advantage, and then through the business (or web site operators) marketing, it is easy to believe to advertising, achieve the basic profit!


2, classified information websites and search engines. As we all know, the current search engine use rate is very high, and the reason of classified information website itself immature market is mainly the search engine, so how to use the search engine to promote is the primary consideration here, including SEO and SEM.

it is undeniable that the search engine is still the first entrance website users to find information, so can do SEO and SEM, is an important element in classification of vital importance of classified information website website, will be profitable, in the above efforts, classified information website is classified by industry, we can start from a point of view, to gradually make site SEO and SEM, that is to say from a classification or an industry view, do, do SEO and SEM, which made it and believe that the profit is

sooner or later!

3, regional characteristics. Classified information website is based on local services, so the regional is very strong, it is a regional Internet, and the Internet is close to the user, so how to choose regional media cooperation and create this?