Standing three years about eight hundred thousand of the income of the station’s experience summary

strictly speaking, I’m not really a station master, but I’ve always been a station owner. Whenever someone asks me about my profession, I say that I am a webmaster and attract a lot of friends. Attracted a lot of MM admiration. Actually, it’s good to be a webmaster.

I’ve been a station for about three years, but actually I’ve done a lot of standing, but I haven’t kept it up. Many stationmaster says, oneself do station experience, it is very empty, cannot learn thing. It also makes outsiders think it’s easy to make a website and make money easily. Many new webmaster confidently start to do stand, dejected nothing. I will share my experience with you. If you can learn something, then it’s our destiny. If you can’t learn something, then I’m sorry, or our way of thinking is too different.

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)The first thing that

should remind everyone of is persistence. Chairman Mao taught us: "perseverance is victory!" on the primary school when studying "persevere", Little strokes fell great oaks. principle, Dripping water wears through a stone. But many people never waited for the dawn to come, and began to give up in the dark. Of course, including me. This is also my biggest regret,

second, we must understand a truth, persistence is important, but the direction is more important. The wrong direction, coupled with persistence, can only go deeper, farther, and greater mistakes. Since we are all personal webmaster, then you should do. Even if you have a good team, you can’t guarantee that your team will meet its expectations. So we should start small. Avoid tantaiqiuquan. I know a station owner. He’s a local gateway. His website ranges from news to classified information, to forums and videos, and even to health. But the more he worked, the more tired he became, the more empty he felt. A year later, looking back at my website, I felt like a skeleton with only bones, no flesh and blood – lifeless.

in addition, personal webmaster one of the biggest weakness is that dare not invest. Thinking about profit, but ignoring the eternal law of business: "investment pays off." the sky won’t fall off, and even when it falls, it’s poisonous. Baidu for burn rate can frighten to death a honest farmer. As long as you are willing to bid a day, Baidu consumer ten is child’s play! Or some people Everfount to rob to do the bidding, why? Because the correct delivery strategy even will cause great advertising investment, it can bring greater profit margins!!! No one is a fool, especially businessmen. They won’t invest without understanding,


the last point is to remind you that there must be legal concepts. The law will become more and more perfect. Don’t take it for granted. Since you can read the article and see it here, it shows that you are not old, you are young and young is the biggest capital. Porn and edge ball don’t >