Wang Wuji’s Theory six strategies for network operation of private hospitals

after 5 years of development, the private hospital network competition has been gradually from the original sea tactics, to technology tactics, want to through the network to the hospital with more resources, we need development strategy for the development of the actual situation in the region. The hospital,


as the state of the medical industry in the strict limits of traditional media advertising channels, more and more enterprises begin to increase network publicity channels! Cause network increasingly intense market competition, whether it is the forerunner, or after walker, will face the same pressure of competition. But first put on the market may not be the first to occupy the market, after adding it may not occupy the market, the industry who frequent the bright younger generation of extraordinary, all the key elements of success or in person! The right strategy and efficient team, continuous innovation, enterprising spirit is the fundamental guarantee to win in the competition in the


one, strategic layout – the formulation of correct ideas, positioning, plans and patterns,

Now the

network operation is not a few years ago the earth eight times, intense competition, enterprises must stand in the perspective of overall operation of higher, to integrate planning from a strategic height, grasp the four aspects of concept, positioning, planning and development direction of the correct pattern of


1, core competitive strategy,

specialty, characteristic therapy, special services, the characteristics of experts, feature equipment belong to the core competitive strategy, differentiated marketing to win in the competition, homogenization operation is difficult to make a breakthrough, even if there is a breakthrough but also kill 10 thousand, since the loss of 3 thousand, operating costs are too high. So it’s very important to make the core competition strategy,

2, talent pool strategy,

no matter what, have talent to the world, the network marketing is the need for professional personnel to operate, the amount and optimum combination of the success of the enterprise largely depends on the talents, high paying, high welfare, happy to retain the talent training is essential to explore true skill and genuine knowledge, potential talent


3, data information strategy

currently do a good medical enterprises attach great importance to data management, all take the data speak, like all kinds of data center Kunita establishment, data statistical software, data report, provide a powerful service for enterprise data management.

4, market analysis strategy,

the current competition is mainly within the business district, competition between medical enterprises, to survive, to develop, we need to defeat the opponent, survival of the fittest. So in addition to emphasize the difference of marketing, the correct analysis of the market, a detailed understanding of the opponent is very important, there have been our team by the other team spy penetration, we also carried out this work, although some seem distasteful, but the intelligence work is very important.

5, project management strategy,

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