t’s more important to do online connections

I do

procedures, as long as their technology is good, without laborious to make friends, because I think friends are tired of things. We do the Internet, most people may be Indoorsman, that is, every day can stay at home, playing games, or the Internet, or do a program can do, don’t go out for several days. This kind of personality caused offline friends less. And in my previous impression, a friend is a mercenary friend, " " I can’t drink, also hate that kind of " wine; how deep feelings are the depth of " this logic, sometimes have to ask friends to " " city feet like, my salary in Chongqing is lower grade, so toss one or two times, there may be no money to eat.

just a few days ago in a Chongqing local SEO group, and one of them talk to friends online, agreed to see a face, exchange experiences and ideas. Because he and I are very close, the bus has three stations. I go directly to their company, when I opened the door and saw him, although what we never used knowledge each other long, but not at all strange feeling, immediately talk together, feel like a long time friends. But also know for a long time, of course, is on the Internet. Then we talked a lot, is not limited to chat SEO, or other sites, such as personal experience, as well as the global MM experience and so on. We talk very speculative. When we eat is called meal, nor drink. Because we do not drink, do not need the tube that a set of wine on the table. That night I went to 11 p.m. Leaving.

why do I need to emphasize "offline"? Chatting on the Internet for a long time, it also feels a little unreal and unreal. It’s just a computer screen, a ID number. Maybe one day, this ID number changed people, such as stealing the number of what. And the effect of seeing a face next to the line is better than the first half of your conversation on the internet. Because we are facing the living people, flesh and blood, sound, shape. In addition, if you are far away, you can take a phone call, because the phone is part of reality, and listen to each other’s voice, but also increase the real amount.

I know

at this time, some stone interactive line in the tea party, and every webmaster general assembly, is actually a very good let us know the exchange platform.

I think online friends, there are several advantages, first of all, can get the spirit above benefits: finally found the city and I do the same thing friends. Secondly in the communication process, we can get more information or knowledge, the three stooges, top of Zhu Geliang. The realization of information sharing. Sometimes, because it is doing the same occupation, are more likely to bring us direct business orders.

, some people say that colleagues are enemies, they should slander each other, but from the macro point of view, say bad words to each other