My understanding of the thief procedure

recently began to spread a number of thieves online procedures, it can be said that there are advantages and disadvantages, the following combination of my experience to talk about my understanding of the thief procedures.

we need to understand what is the thief program: the thief program refers to the use of ASP or PHP and other powerful features, the remote site data (images, web pages and other files) to capture the local variety of treatment after the show to a page or a program stored in the database.

thief program advantages: if your station is Baidu search revenue, then in the short term your site access will be greatly improved, and no maintenance site. To reduce the operation cost, because the thief program data from other sites, it will be with the site updated; can save a large amount of server resources, common thief program several files, all the web pages are from other sites.

simple summary is: free updates, maintenance free!


everything has two sides, and thief procedure is no exception. It also has disadvantages as follows:

(1) page similarity is too high, not conducive to search engines included


(2) page is poorly loaded (because it calls the destination station)

(3) has too many restrictions, such as: unable to change page layout, etc., it is difficult to achieve their own features,

(4) once the target has a problem, its efforts will be destroyed by

ha ha, so it seems that we are not aware of the thief, the program is very dangerous, and are afraid to use it. In fact, there is no need to be afraid. The target station is not inverted in general. So, for all sorts of considerations, my advice to you is to use the thief program as a sub column of your website. Because this can enrich the content of the site, and do not update, even if the problem, as long as the main station is still there will not suffer much damage.

think he had bought a thief program to use as the goal of the whole station, station closed, the site was collected hundreds of pages have been K, was really very sad. So suggest that we should not put the thief program when running the entire station.

in summary, we have understood the advantages and disadvantages of the thief procedures, and also give you some suggestions, I hope to help you! I have little talent and less learning errors and improper articles such as, also please criticism!

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