Uncover the inside story behind American space

reveals the inside story behind American purchasing space


it is outdated, or in other places, there are many overseas host purchasing providers, we can see that their prices are very low, a few hundred G space of several hundred dollars a year, and even some of their price is only two hundred or three hundred yuan, why so low? Even lower than the official website so today I want to talk about the price? Host purchasing insider. In fact, the price is low, there are two factors:

one, after purchasing the official website refund foot type:

there are so many people, behind more than once appeared, you give them money, they give you the purchasing, purchasing less than a month, one day you suddenly found FTP not landing, but found that contact purchasing, QQ is not on the line, behind the account is not landing, people have not seen. The original purchasing agent has asked the official website for a refund on foot. This is one of the shady scenes of overseas host purchasing.

some people might say, "are they worth it?" that’s a waste of energy, publicity, and an outdated account. "I’m telling you, it’s worth it,


because most American hosts have a rule: a free refund within one month to three months (that is, refunds are not deducted except for registered meters). This is a month to three months, you can make a lot of people cheated, cheated to a certain number, the official website to disappear, so there is a liar money, one to three months, and not just cheat a person; also had a free refund period, foreign business space will be according to your time to refund.

in fact, there are few people nowadays, because there are more profitable ways to make them unworthy of it. That is:

two, from the foreign advertising alliance distribution molding:

don’t think there’s only Google Adsense advertising abroad. There are a lot of good advertising companies.

, for example, has an American League (CJ), roughly equivalent to the domestic results network, in accordance with the sales and so on, they have some host advertising, that is, in accordance with the sales commission.

but they differ from the domestic advertising alliance, and the commission they give to the site is even higher than the price of the host itself.

takes one of their current space providers, LunarPages, for example:

buys a LunarPages space, 1500GB website space, 15000GB/ monthly traffic model, $5.2 per month, or about $60 a year.

and if you advertise them, you can get $95 for every space you sell, but it won’t come to your account for 3 months without a refund.

we can count on, if a purchasing agent, free of charge to you a.