Forum daily management skills experience sharing addressed to the general moderator

today gave a [forum operation ideas and suggestions – letter addressed to Xinjiekou webmaster]. After that, I went to the Internet to search the articles about the daily management skills of the forum, but I was poor. Moderator in fact plays a crucial role in the forum, if the forum is a country, the webmaster is the emperor, and the moderator is the minister, they are in charge of the whole nation’s affairs. A good moderator can be very good to drive the interactive forums, an affinity moderator can improve the viscosity of the forum. A strict moderator can maintain the purity of the forum. Below I will say in detail the moderator in the daily management of the forum some skills.

now the forum moderator set is basically in accordance with section to set the moderator, each section may have one to two moderators maintain the forum moderator order, setting may be the work of the forum staff will also have some enthusiastic users as, for the staff said, but for ordinary users in the management of it there are some difficulties, because they don’t get paid, you can’t ask him for online time, post audit is timely, compliance with the standards highlight top forum. Some may be possible by individuals to establish a forum, not even his own team, this station is more difficult, so the first problem faced is the owner of the first forum set, in the selection of the moderator prior to the forum of overall planning and owner permissions should be clear. Then through the long time to pick out the communication forum for those who are active in the upgrade to the owner. Because there is no reward so to support more from other benefits, he ran into the forum, the first edition of the main section of the content of love, do eat diet version of the forum, the forum version of the main technology do have some professional skills, playing the main version do tourism forum. It should be noted that he is here to reflect his own values and spiritual satisfaction. Because the focus of this article is not the moderator settings, it does not spend more space.

One of the most important tasks for

moderators is to increase the number of Posts and replies. A stupid moderator will find their own many and plate related information released, more energy in the post above, but few people were posted after the exchange, while the wise moderator is getting more people become writers, to allow more people to participate in post ranks, and he more focus on that good the guide posts and replies oriented work. So I think: a moderator should first have the ability to make a topic. How to improve the interoperability of the forum? We should be good at using the top, for outstanding posts must be good at discovering, if it is found that the excellent post will give top 3-5 days top award. I will explain why: This is a great encouragement for ordinary writers, and when I see the importance of the forum, he will not only work harder to publish better posts. And he might advertise his posts and bring in more active users. Why only the top 3-5 days? Top post once he might fall down again, want to publish only better top posts. So >