Think twice before you start doing business on the nternetThe network advertisement try before you

is a small project within the company, it makes me think of another topic "Internet entrepreneurs think twice or just do it, I think this is a problem in front of all China Internet entrepreneurs.

      but in China, pay per call advertising is still a new practice. This advertising model requires the audience to be really impressed, and after the call, the advertising operators to earn advertising fees, in the rapid profits under pressure, many domestic advertising operators do not want to do so.

there are too many cases to verify these arguments. Take rice chat as an example. It came out all the rage at the time. December 23, 2010 meters released; six months later, the meter chat users more than 4 million. Lei Jun once said a word: "if the opponent did not respond," 6 months later, "rice chat" will become king. At that time, Lei Jun believes that Tencent to do this thing to go through the preliminary argument and internal decision-making, as well as the late product changes repeatedly, even if the introduction of 6 months later. But in fact, the Tencent WeChat 2 months later came out, and then did not hesitate to grab rice chat rice bowl.

WeChat just born, is a can be called "clown duck" products, imitate rice chat signs serious, user experience is bad, simple function. But because of fast enough, and the Tencent of hundreds of millions of users good resource migration over, growing up, and constantly improve the improvement of micro channel products, now itself also ahead of other similar products.

      unlike traditional advertising, "ten years like a day", there are many innovations in online advertising.

      different from the traditional network advertisement according to the display and the mode of pay per click, pay per call ringing network advertising business is a kind of effective payment network advertisement. Advertisers provide users with relevant information to guide users through the phone to consult, buy products or services, to achieve the advertising needs of the target. In this process, whether it is advertising display or click are free of charge, only to wait until the ringing telephone consultation fee to bring effective advertising.

early in the morning, a few people in the Department were divided because of a work I arranged. Some people think that to do anything, first of all have to make a definite goal, then plan and arrange everything in detail, and then hold a meeting to discuss the specific process of implementation.

 :     Kelsy, a Princeton based market research firm, predicts that the ad market will reach $4 billion by 2009, an increase comparable to the current online advertising market.

      network advertising experts pointed out that the US paid advertising is not longtuo originated in the United States, the way of advertising has been widely used, such as the famous IT manufacturer DELL, its success depends largely on its low cost promotion, at home and abroad, DELL advertising has been in accordance with the the number of calls to pay.

China in the Internet industry, because people in advance ready for success, there are people for too long, lost the opportunity to become the history of the spectators; similarly, although some people lack of preparation but the shot in time to catch the wind, become flying pig. Some people fail because they rush too hastily into the bureau.

      according to the reporter, the specific practice of pushing ringing of advertising, advertising is through the combination and focus, in Internet users to read or reach the contents of the advertisements and related information and web pages, will automatically show the customer advertising information browsing content around the internet. Dotting the "embedded advertising floating window has joined with ringing sign free advertising phone number and call back box, users can directly dial the telephone number for free consultation, can also take a callback method. In the latter way, users simply enter their phone numbers to receive free calls from advertisers.

some people think that time is not on, with the idea of the project without thinking too much, direct mount do on the line, and then continue to find improvement problems in the process of continuous progress, so as to win or lose.

now looks back at what happened in our department. In fact, in my opinion, the two views of my colleagues are correct and wrong. The key is to see what, what project. In my values, the first thing I consider before I do something is: if you fail, will you be able to accept the consequences of failure?. If you can afford it, don’t think about it. Do it as soon as possible. If it cannot be undertaken, it must be carefully planned and then planned.

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      "pay per call" is a new model of online advertising recently unveiled.

I remember a few years ago that I spent a lot of time researching American stocks and simulated buying stocks of Chinese Listed Companies in the United States for years. In that process, many opportunities are lost because they simply do not see them. I feel so old watch rose whiz without hands, too unwilling, I often make such a feeling "at that time if I put hundreds of thousands.

      prior to this, the push call pay longtuo in early March this year launched a point Clickeye "in the text, embedded advertising embedded advertising, does not affect the reading interest again. Relevant data shows, Clickeye webpage embedded advertisement daily traffic is 200 million times.