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in addition to the fixed increase, what channels can be low to get the new three board company’s equity? The answer is: Taobao.

November 25, 2016, Donghai securities received "Jilin governor spring city intermediate people’s court auction notice", this part of the shares in December 7, 2016 10 to December 8, 2016 10, a public auction in the judicial auction platform taobao.

because of the borrower disputes the company’s second largest shareholder of China Everbright Bank Jilin horoc and China Changchun branch, Kyrgyzstan coal investment limited liability company, holding 100 million shares were frozen justice.

4. dropping results, always pay attention to


one, three company equity auction on Taobao, some premium 26%, and some hit 50 percent off

stake in Taobao online, the price can be how low? To Hua Sheng holdings, for example, the first Qipai price is 17 million yuan, down to 13 million 600 thousand yuan after the auction, and finally sold out, straight down 20%. Accounting for only 0.8 yuan per share, compared to 1.47 yuan per share net assets, playing more than 50 percent off.


read Jun found that, in addition to equity, Taobao judicial auction platform can also auction real estate, land, automobiles, equipment and other assets, the subject price is generally far below the market price.

Donghai securities is the first three new board of Taobao auction equity company.

calculates, the auction price is only 0.8 yuan, compared to 1.>

Hua Sheng holdings is not so smooth. Because mortgage loans overdue, the actual controller Sheng Yiliang held 17 million shares were auctioned. The first bid price of 17 million yuan, bid margin 3 million 400 thousand yuan, but because no bidders sign up to participate in the shoot and pat.

3. fair and open

auction went well and ended at 10 a.m. on December 8th. East China Sea Securities one hundred million shares were divided into 40 million shares, 60 million shares, starting price of 440 million, 660 million, respectively, and finally to 520 million and 780 million yuan transaction price successfully shoot. Transaction prices were 13.01 yuan / share, compared to the day 10.27 yuan / share closing price, a premium of 26.6%

day alliance, know on the first day! Daily settlement

1. waste flow is a crime of Internet traffic is

2. service for the benefit of

yes, you’re right. It’s Taobao. To date, there have been 2 new board company Donghai securities 832970.OC and Huasheng Holdings 430686.OC stake, completed the Taobao auction in the judicial auction platform, there are 1 companies Zhitu Technology 832282.OC equity auction.

second Qipai price of 13 million 600 thousand yuan, bid margin 2 million 720 thousand yuan. March 8th, Huasheng holdings received notice, the bidder heart Shanghai Asset Management Center limited partnership, Pu eventually won the bid to 13 million 600 thousand Yuan Sheng Yiliang 17 million shares.

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