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Karen Copenhaver, a partner of Choate Hall &, Stewart law firm in the US, told the CIO reporter a story about a seminar he held for a big company. The purpose of this workshop is to help the company clarify the fact that software developers are responsible for complying with the company’s specific code work rules. These specific work rules involve the use of code for open source, free code, and third parties.

Copenhaver thought the seminar was going well. The manager of the development department, however, went on to find her, saying, "these developers can’t do the development they need to do every day, and worry about a lot of things. They always ask for help to open or free resources."".


, with O2O as the theme of the third stage entrepreneurial state open class BangClass in a wonderful lecture theater stars. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, life radius CEO, Xu Weihao, aunt help CEO Wan Yong, Carradine CEO Ji Cheng as an important speaker, to the audience to share their recent ideas and views in the O2O industry.

at the same time, the traditional local service industry capital structure will also change the past, customers spend 10 dollars to buy the service, the third party intermediary company took 60% workers, took only 40%, while the third party company take more, but not necessarily have good, because the 60% cost there is a big cost, including site fees management fees, promotional fees, and various taxes. And now through the platform to connect customers and businesses directly, save the middle link, customers may now only 7 dollars.

In November 20th


radius of life Xu Weihao: starting from the beginning, we should consider how to survive,

Yao Jinbo said: in the mobile era, combined with the local life services and mobile Internet will not only subvert the entire traditional local service industry, will also change the form of business organization, business organization more and more will disappear, but in other forms of organization.

below is part of the live guest speech: part

"O2O actually appeared last year.". 58 city mode is to connect users and businesses, there are 7 million merchants in use 58, of which 1 million are paid users. Mobile and O2O are the things we will do in the future. In the future, the mobile Internet is the Internet, PC Internet is already a traditional industry, and most of the resources are taken away by the giants, domain names are no longer important."

radius of life, Xu Weihao said: "how to do the local life service? Logistics service is the last."

58 city Yao Jinbo: O2O Time Inc will disappear, the platform will rise

58 city

lead: 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, life radius CEO, Xu Weihao, aunt help CEO Wan Yong, Carradine CEO season to share his latest thinking and views in the O2O industry.

O2O era, the company is about to disappear, the platform will rise. Commodity standardization, centralization and cross regional shopping are popular. Service is personalized, decentralized and limited in location. Mobile Internet plus service, high permeability, positioning, people can real-time online, mobile payment, obvious advantages. It will change the form of business organizations, practitioners, employment methods, and customer experience. Several thin platforms will replace a large number of companies; the national unified platform, the promotion costs are very low; the focus shifted from the company to the workers; the early competition is intense; subsidies to consumers; a company, that is, an industry. Entrance is no longer important, reputation is king." Said Yao Jinbo.