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learning Wangzhuan, what are the two ways of

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here today, we say that a method of learning Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, actually learning with you at school learning are two different things. It’s possible that you don’t want to study when you go to school, because at that time your mind is full of thoughts. Now we need to learn to make money online Wangzhuan, as one of their own things to do.

method one, that is, step by step, according to the web site production of knowledge points, slowly learning, this learning knowledge is the most solid.

method two, that is what is not, directly to the formal operation of the projects, from the beginning to develop program, use what station to ask what, what to look like this, when a normal station operation, what all understand, but also for a >

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for example, we learn at school website, the teacher is so requested, the teacher asked the students to master basic rules of web pages in a week, for the thousands of pages of the web page tutorial, it is impossible to do.

normal, 3000 IP, station, and do very carefully, then 2 months to do 100 dollars is easy.

method 1: find a teacher who is higher than yourself and follow his steps. Of course, no one will train you for free unless you are trained to be good for sex. We follow the instructions he gives and the methods he says, step by step. This method is the most solid, because the teacher’s method must be smarter than our system and some methods, so as to keep up with the rhythm of the teacher, study hard, certainly, because the teacher is certainly on the way from simple to difficult to carry out the development direction of the.

method, which is directly out of 3 months every day to learn basic knowledge Wangzhuan, this boring, but the system, once the 3 months after the formal operation of the project, immediately operate up.

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in principle, non professional sites, 3000IP below, it is difficult to make money, relying on traffic to make money, it will be a month 500-1000. income. But many webmaster friends also want to step on the Internet to earn the journey. Let me tell you what I think:

method two: is our everywhere to find some basic knowledge Wangzhuan, such as bus corn Wangzhuan tutorial, learning to follow. Step by step. Encountered not understand, go to sh419 and GG search, look at its meaning, and then understand his role and operation rules, this way constantly read the article, he quickly mastered a lot of knowledge points. These are two learning methods that can achieve results.

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method two, directly turn to the last page of website, which is a dynamic web site program, and then directly to study this process, from the beginning of the first sentence, using the method of each code to the front to find relevant chapters to study, like this when I study this program. Basically can grasp the production site general ideas and habits, then took out some examples of continuous learning, is taken in this way, the imitation of writing, and then to the front to find relevant knowledge.

general domestic such advertising page model is more, the effect may be better,

so let’s say something:

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