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from old enemy to partner

work? Take the Firefox browser that Wang Tong did, and I think there are two effective operating skills:

skills to help others do in the new era, later due to the accumulation of knowledge Wangzhuan, summing up their own. If you think it’s feasible, you’ll take immediate action, go ahead, first-class projects, three streams of execution, you can’t make any money, three streams of projects, first-class execution, you can make money as well.

Firefox browser, Firefox or related keywords, such as Firefox download, the Firefox browser related keywords to optimize the search engine home page, for example, sh419 search page, then, as long as people search for these keywords, the intent is clear, is to download, he isn’t it the most willing to do in the page click on your download! But the general optimization master needs to understand SEO to be able to operate together, not suitable for beginners


1, optimization of the keyword

not long ago, I received a message, the title is: "there is a business to cooperate with us, please a group of" very strange, I never number in the company contract, there are standard procedures, feel weird, I opened the mail, a business name, I suddenly reaction come.

recently, I have done a lot of good business to talk about, the importance of comment has become a normal, they will very seriously look at the user’s comments. One or two months ago I went to Suzhou with my parents to dinner, my father wrote a comment in the comments, made some comments, let me think of a case before practice, very consistent. A part of the business to business cooperation from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai and other like a very successful business, ten years down the back to see the change is very big.

public comment for 10 years, what we didn’t do too many things, always help you solve the problem of idle away in seeking pleasure 10 years down, the industry changes, I think from businesses, users, industry competition 3 different dimensions to review this change.

it was almost five or six years ago, and we almost forgot. And such a mail received recently, merchants hope to cooperate with us, since we want to be willing to cooperate, cooperation, recently on the line, once the biggest rivals over the past few years and become our partner, we can see the industry of new things never understand, don’t care, hate to slowly accept. This is a typical case.

old Angel users "


everyone here, if you have some understanding of the public comment, a few years ago, there is a merchant in Shanghai with us 4 consecutive lawsuits, playing for 3 consecutive years, 2004, 2007, 2008. The reason is that the lawsuit, we have a collection of books, website users of business reviews, he saw not satisfied, because some comment said food is not particularly good, especially poor service, have a do not want to go, then he put us on the court, when our company is relatively small, then more anxiety, the court sentenced the wise, we win, so let us live today. We feel that this business is very annoying, old told us, we would like to not include his information, there will be no comment.


starting Kaili, welcome to reprint!

, what do you think is the right way for you to do it? I wish you all the money. My 1030786481, welcome to exchange!

, of course, is also good, I remember the beginning comment when there is a business is one of the restaurant, I love to eat is the case, 2003 when I returned to the dinner, then do not comment, I went two or three times, each time after the meal he would let me write about their experience, including whether they love new dishes, they have been very successful, but we have not only cooperation cooperation, around 2010, before there has been contact.


CPA projects are usually done for others, for example, click on your ad to register, or click on your ad to complete the download task. So, when we choose the CPA project, we have to choose what others can easily accomplish, or be willing to complete the download, so that we can have more money!

2. this is for beginners to operate, but need some investment. How to do that? That is, to the Witkey, pigs and so on can release the task of the website, release tasks, you will do CPA project need to complete the operation process to write clear, let others according to what you say operation task to complete. There are two kinds of practices. One is moral, and the other is immoral. Unethical practice is someone to help you complete the task, you identified as unqualified, the money you have received the hand, so much of him, though, however, there are still many shortcomings, when seen through your tricks, few people do to help you, so I do not advocate this approach. A comparison of the moral practice is to deduct a certain amount of, or even no deduction amount can be, for example you release the task, if others help you do all you can to earn 4 yuan of money, then you do the task to 1 yuan or 2 yuan, in short, as long as you can make money, even if 3.8 can be, each person earns 0.2 a day, as long as there are hundreds of people to help you, for a month you will earn thousands of

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