Liu Chuanzhi talked about the history of Lenovo from 200 thousand started go to today’s wealth insu

Facebook with an VR industry to stride forward singing militant songs with aura, and display a variety of possibilities in their own social VR social business within the scope of the early users home also have VR social applications more complete experience can be released early in looking forward to.

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wealth is indeed a risk seeking, if not seize the opportunity, there is no embrace of change, Lenovo may no longer exist, or is a very mediocre company.


currently, Lenovo holdings should pay attention to the problem, first of all, in the traditional industry, how to better use the internet. On the business level, the Internet can play a very significant role, such as supply chain, branding and so on. In the management level, with the Internet, the management framework can be adjusted, corporate culture can be adjusted.

Liu Chuanzhi believes that the current enterprise difficult place is really too much uncertainty, the uncertainty of the environment, which is the first domestic policy and economic environment, such as monetary policy, stock market, exchange rate and so on, these are unpredictable and even difficult to predict. In addition, the present international environmental uncertainty is very large.

, this is a 3D graffiti tool, you can draw something good to pick up, lost to the space chat little partner. left screen video chaos into the Tang Yan, Luo Jin couple.

titanium media note: yesterday, Hurun Research Institute issued the "2016 Biguiyuan · forest city. Hurun Report.". Because the stock price fell sharply, Lenovo Group founder Liu Chuanzhi failed. On the same day, Liu Chuanzhi delivered a keynote speech at the summit on e-commerce development in China entitled "enterprises need to live long and work well.".

36 krypton reporter recently experienced the domestic pioneering company ultra yuan domain development VR social applications. Overall, because of the immersion of VR itself, the social products in it will be relatively heavy, that is to say, walk, probably not VR social good, and this experience is more like a self built chat room. Open this social space and we can invite friends to have a multi person experience. Such as voice dialogue, graffiti, watching video Tucao, and even play somatosensory games.

in the final analysis, the test is actually the user base and stickiness. Currently, the software test version of the meta domain is based on the host VR class device experience, June will open commercial operations. They think in terms of functional integrity, especially interactivity

talked about the history of Lenovo, and Liu Chuanzhi reviewed all the important nodes of Lenovo, referring to Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s PC business, he used the "rich, dangerous," "the word.". "

my first argument is that enterprises want to run long distance running, that is to say, to ensure long live and live well, not to be a flash in the pan. I want to explain this point of view, on the history before Lenovo is suitable, it is not universal, because the present various enterprises, each enterprise has different situation, I just talk about our own situation, give you a reference.

when the infrastructure in the VR room is met, how you want to play on your function is actually a hobby. Of course, the meta domain also has its own judgment on this point. They think that VR social space, three applications of the most opportunities for sports, gaming and education. Sports tend to play live events, and their founding teams are better at this resource. Gaming, speaking from a certain degree is physical properties, as well as the game broadcast platform integration ready. Education is from a sense of participation from another point of view, more emphasis on communication and material interoperability, in fact, similar to this, including teleconferencing, collaborative office.

talking about how to seize the future trends in technology development, Liu Chuanzhi believes that today’s Internet to the mobile Internet, and then, is the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, biological engineering linked to the time.


below is the full text of Liu Chuanzhi’s speech, slightly cut by the media Ti:

Abstract: Liu Chuanzhi believes that the enterprise is to run long-distance running, running long-distance means, that is, to ensure long live, live well, rather than a flash in the pan.

in the speech, Liu Chuanzhi mainly mentioned three points: first, the enterprise is to run long-distance race, to ensure long live, live well; second, the current enterprise the most difficult place is uncertainty too big. And how to embrace change, uncertainty and risk, challenges into opportunities, this is all entrepreneurs must be seriously thinking about. Third, enterprises should also pay attention to grasp the future development trend of science and technology.



we have abstracted these traits, in fact, super element domain to do is to meet the multiple users are clustered in the same VR space, can perceive each other of course, at present they are cartoon characters; then it should be equipped with basic facilities for the space: the user can move, and even sports games. At least you need to make a user action perception and feedback in the virtual image of the action in real time; the voice of the communication to avoid the need to make sense of violation and the physical range of panoramic sound; 3D graffiti objects can interact, requires good physical synchronization engine; virtual space to do the WebVR extension, browse the web, point to open the video, even live open sports need to do a good job of interface, so that multiple users can simultaneously experience; even in the display requirements, each text or type of application needs Good output interface.