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footnote: "recently we found that individual stationmaster with 996*1000 and 910*600 these two kinds of large size advertising code DM on the"


mop placed a large size advertising alliance ID judge for cheating, many webmaster hard-earned money on, we have to ask, if you know the mop alliance, he made a mistake, so what time do you make up for their own fault, you rogue webmaster replacement commission?
first two ID for the ID ID review, No. 1315, No. 1407, because of the large size code was wrongly placed.

      if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

        small shrimp xiamisoft has long been engaged in software and research of network marketing, SEO, and mass software engineers to complete its unremitting efforts to develop a number of multifunctional renren marketing software. We developed this software is designed to help Internet marketer webmasters, shop owners and enterprises need to advertise on the Internet.


    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that this period has ended will no longer enjoy the group purchase group purchase price concessions. You can choose:
          1, directly to the official price 388 yuan to buy or
          2, go to the mall to buy low discount price: etuan/deal/503< br /

      more preferential product as in a mall: etuan/goods     

the details:

      ban advertising together a mosaic existing size full page ads, pop-up or induced, such behavior will be considered cheating, if you have any comments and suggestions to the advertisement, please contact your login system corresponding to the business people.

A5 forum is hot this comment immediately: bbs.admin5/thread-3410862-1-1.html participate in interactive group purchase, you can also reply in the above post, we will give you the gift of A5 integral.

"recently we found that"
if they listen to the webmaster voice, misjudgment will not last so long.

          thank you very much for the support and long-term trust of the cat alliance. Recently we found that individual stationmaster with 996*1000 and 910*600 these two kinds of large size advertising code to do DM delivery, in order to avoid the occurrence of illegal operation; in order to safeguard the interests of the webmaster, avoid misjudgment of cheating, mop alliance from now on will cancel the two dimensions of advertising channels. Please help the webmaster to check their advertising, if put the two large size advertising webmaster, please make sure the size of code is replaced with other dimensions of the ad code, 996*1000 and 910*600 code will soon fail.


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