Grassroots movie station do not do shlf1314 advertising alliance reasonsThe recruitment industry web

, for the first time, talk about what I do. I can’t say it well. Don’t laugh at me.

      Chinese researcher B2B Research Center Cao Lei believes that the "entrepreneurial team launched plans", means that the net Sheng’s "business" entered the operational phase, while that in the domestic B2B e-commerce market increasingly fierce battle, "Sheng business treasure" in the "small portal + the model of innovation alliance" opened up the situation.

2 and GG ads click relatively low. because GG ads usually don’t have much seductive advertising text.

      27, Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang said here, "business" has launched the "entrepreneurial team plan, recruit and train a number of industry website manager, fully involved in the comprehensive B2B market.

1 and GG have relatively strict audit of the website. movie sites are often hard to pass because of copyright issues.

3, GG advertising effective click is to be audited, and relatively strict audit. if you don’t click too much, you’re going to be K.

      Sun Deliang said, "Sheng business treasure" of the "entrepreneurial team plan" is: recruit and train a number of industry website manager, through training and support, a group of incubation industry website "entrepreneurial team, business and entrepreneurial team through joint stock ownership plan together bigger and stronger industry segments website. At present, recruitment has already begun. editor’s name: admin02

but the biggest worry about doing GG is to give you K one day. The daily live flesh, as do the domestic advertising a good conscience.

here we talk about the domestic advertising alliance we’ll use qirun network advertisement for example

Qi run Internet advertising pop, pop it in the 40 yuan / thousand IP, if a station has 3000IP you. Daily pop should be about 3000 times, that is about 12 yuan advertising revenue. Plus click advertising, we count a 8 yuan, then a day of income of about 20 yuan.

, but GG, a 3000IP station, the daily click may be around 150, the domestic advertising unit price is very low, in the average of about 2 cents, then a day at around $3, a day or 20 yuan.

      Sheng "business" as the domestic B2B’s cutting-edge, appeared on a popular attention. In April this year, Hi2000 launched the industry website alliance "business website based on the" business "on the basis of industry website alliance, created a unique" small portal + alliance "mode, caused widespread concern.

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