A webmaster five digit online money making experiencet takes a lot of weight to sell pancakes

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on Sunday, selling pancakes He Chang, the logic of thinking Luo fat, there is a legend in the 4A company’s creative executives originally also sell massage rod Ma Jiajia, but somehow did not take place, the three guests came to Xiamen to attend an Asia marketing high-end summit, and their speech.

2010, the first half of the station did not do, my specialty is the computer professional, I began to learn database, PHP, C, to lay their own foundation, foundation safe, even after the money earned? So, school room, "


a product, to get consumers continue to favor, there are no three possibilities:


2009, flying everywhere on the Internet. I see advertising Wangzhuan presbyopia, I see those who do Wangzhuan tutorial in sell sell very fire, actually do network training, I thought, I know a lot of people who join the training will regret it, I will go to the low price to buy their account then, to download their tutorial market so I say, the tutorial download pirated, he opened a forum on sale!!! Well, I finally earned his first pot of gold in the network five digit bar, a student card has earned a five digit number is quite good at that time, the roommate extremely envious, special record down good times don’t last long, BBS, then feel the wind has passed, simply put the forum off! Since then, I never go to apply for those ads on the website, start On the way to make money, open the forum, didn’t ask home to a penny, their tuition fees are 09 years I got a fix! Not only is the five digit, but also more confidence in the efforts, I began to sell some of the procedures of the books began to read, improve their most important

gossip less pull!

2, the product itself has some special effect, although there are alternatives can play a similar effect, but the effect is not as good as the product. For example, Huoxiangzhengqi water, even as a drug, the taste is really bad, but if we heat diarrhea and vomiting, most people first choice or Huoxiangzhengqi water.

I am a junior student, perhaps, until now some adults or parents do not understand, you can network when the occupation? Like later that year of land reform, farmers will only grow crops, because food is the hard truth! I am a Junior, this discussion on that nearly one two years of study abroad of the free time on the network to make money

In addition to the

1, the product is irreplaceable, the world’s only one will make pancakes, as long as you want pancakes, I can only come here to buy. At this time, as just need goods, can eat pancakes just need to maintain the standards do not worry about the source. The planet will make pancakes are certainly many, I’m very hungry, can support a pan with a few, so the premise of Huang Taiji, is clearly not true;


The focus of this section of the Internet to transform traditional industries


actually, earn some money are now before the accumulation of experience, there is no paradise, 09 years online make the most popular is the higher, but there are a few people really make money? Believe in their own mind to understand, some websites say a month let you earn much, people think you go to those who believe! Novice friends, you should learn from the HTML!

mode, be sirloin, pancakes, adult massage stick firmly in control, perhaps the three kids in KIMI eyes "not cool", but in the adult world, many mature entrepreneurs are the three more if the seek.

3, in addition to the above two kinds of possible, third possibilities can be simply classified as follows: "products have forced lattice!

once went back to Beijing, went to the Yellow River bought a pancake, in terms of heart, the taste is not too bad, but said very well, eat still want to eat, but also really not. But look at the network, loyal back customers quite a lot.

in 2008, I finished college entrance examination, is a ruined three school admission, really feel shy let parents send me to school, insist on a person to go to school, bought a computer, I seldom play games, I can say that I will only get , space, play audition, so I work harder, others play games, I see some space for a long time to build the website of video tutorials, slowly, I learned to use the CMS site, know how to optimize the SEO station, I save the cost of living each month really do not want to ask their parents for money, 500 January bought the domain name and virtual space, their own slowly began to sit in front of the computer, do Sunday night roommates are sleeping, a person in that effort, finally, through their own efforts, the website traffic up, for some advertisements hang up, OK, 300 month More than a million bucks, I was satisfied,

Abstract a pancake "forced"?, it carries the module of micro-blog marketing, word-of-mouth, car delivery, tickets and so on a series of proverbs, the transformation process, when each module release micro energy of it, the convergence of outbreak, Huang Taiji’s "high force grid".

effect, the Chinese brand has implied the essence of word of mouth: since I was young, all heatstroke and other symptoms, older people almost recommend Huoxiangzhengqi water by common consent, the fans for products fanatical pursuit, no less than now to Rice noodles "millet" preference.

compared to other people, he Chang’s speech, the biggest feeling for the audience is: "forced lattice" high,

I prefer to force the grid as commendatory, such as "pressing style". The product has "forced lattice", not only the product itself, but a series of related factors around the product, and finally presents the product "temperament", and this "aggressive"