shlf1314 Adsense revenue reportRed tiger Amoy money how to achieve 1 to 100 times the leap

my website is just a guest shop navigation, now has gradually developed into an integrated one-stop shopping set program, increased as "Taobao shop" "Taobao pictorial" "Taobao forum" and other procedures, to achieve the diversification of users, rich shopping experience, the content of the website rich, natural will increase.

website will boast me two basically is the site, do very beautiful, there are ideas, indeed, in the design of the whole website, I was under a lot of effort and time, it is necessary to achieve the rich content should be clear, "the website fool" reduce users looking for information time cost, because the modern time is very valuable, ordinary people in a website in 8 seconds. If you think the information could not be found at this time, a little mouse may be transferred to other sites, so the website design with best F architecture to meet SEO. Consumers’ browsing habits, but also have their own characteristics, so out of the ordinary, the one and only, reduce user "aesthetic fatigue".

today, look at my shlf1314 Adsense revenue report on piigoo. Since the addition of shlf1314 Adsense to the website two weeks ago, so far, it has earned $3.64. Although the number of

I have seen ?

remember the first post I joined Taobao in guest when writing is "finally have the income of Amoy a month summary", it is the first time I through the guest to earn money, so impressive, that a month income is 12.4 yuan, by the end of November 9th, this month’s income has reached Amoy 1248.53 yuan, is just 100 times in the first month. Although this income in Amoy master’s eyes is not worth mentioning, but for me personally, is bidding documents, there is still a point, is the premise to themselves as the goal, to achieve the leap 1~100 times Amoy money.

and I in private exchanges Amoy owners, some like me, is a guest navigation station, as far as I know, some webmaster navigation website keywords even ranked first, but only a monthly income of 300~400 yuan, so they are very curious, why I can earn a month thousand? Because I have experienced these processes, or to have a right to speak, to understand their confusion, so I went to my site to purchase red tiger nets to talk about how I did it.

ha ha, 3 yuan and 1000 yuan is a completely different concept, right?. It’s kind of like the difference between working for money and making money as a boss. A day’s work is a day of income. One day when the boss, the income may flow.

first, tap website potential, enrich website content,

someone once said: "everything from 0 to 1, from 1 to 100 is very easy indeed, never will be a qualitative leap, from will to master is a quantum leap, every seemingly low starting point, is the only way which must be passed to a peak. Since I published "a year Amoy owners experience:" choice is more important than the effort, a succession of owners and I friends, some of the Taobao money off the exchange with me, because I am in the article did not disclose my site specific income, so there is a problem that is all very sense that is my interest, this website "red tiger purchase network" for a month in the end how much money