Network service industry the blue ocean of Network EntrepreneurshipTencent open platform long is not

? Of course, the most important factor is Xu earth’s own efforts, there is one thing we can not be ignored, that is the earth Xu to network shopping and rapid development of the industry brought about by the demand including consulting, training, service industry keen grasp, opened up a network the "blue ocean venture".


Xu land was once Haier, Shanda and other well-known business executives, also once in Taobao opened shop, but ultimately chose to give advice as a business breakthrough, and made a great success. The founder of the Shanghai network strategy consulting firm, only half a year, has been successfully Chinese DELL computer, Haier, Procter & Gamble group and other traditional enterprises and dozens of five crown sellers done business consulting, training services, but also serve as Haier, DELL and other enterprises perennial e-commerce consultant.

Ma Huateng, in contact with entrepreneurs, is often asked, "is this the best time yet? Is there any chance of starting a business now?" Ma Huateng said. "Open platforms are the best opportunities for entrepreneurs in the future.".

many companies only know that e-commerce is a direction of development, reconstruction, but how to use e-commerce to carry out business process and how to adapt to online shopping culture to carry out network marketing and so on are scanty, there is an urgent need to have a professional business consulting training services, to solve the problem for them. It is said that the rapid development of online shopping, including the birth of consulting, training and other service industries new development. Xu earth is aware of this important trend, relatively early into this field has achieved great success.

. If WeChat can change the fate of traditional companies, then Tencent open platform changes, that is, Tencent’s own future.

is not only the earth excavation of the network Xu consulting, training industry, online shopping industry also directly promote the development of logistics, capital flow, including business park, Technology Corporation and other service industries around a series of. The emergence of "network third industry", to further improve the domestic business environment, supporting the development of the network.

Ma Huateng and the Tencent executives have seen three years ago, the future competition is the competition between the open platform, who has the most developers, who will be able to satisfy the user, who is more powerful competitiveness.

While everyone is focusing on WeChat and believes that Tencent’s future depends on it, a more mysterious team within Tencent, WeChat, is beginning to emerge – Tencent’s open platform,

from 500 thousand to 1 billion 300 million

new CEO plastic plastic oxygen Venus is the O2O APP service of Beijing entrepreneurs, new oxygen plastic currently has more than 50 employees, 1 million users have a branch but only 1-3 individuals in the country, he wanted to let these men in branch Tencent entrepreneurial base, here’s office won’t pay the rent.


Tencent said the project is to let developers from the previous "bag" to "get in" — the only thing they have to do is to do. Now, vice president of Tencent Inc’s social networking group, Lin Songtao, is planning another thing: setting up an entrepreneurial base in Hainan.

network is in a period of rapid growth, especially under the current special economic situation, many enterprises are selected as the main way of transformation of electronic commerce, the network used to open the domestic market. According to the report China e-businessmen China survival Electronic Commerce Association recently released show that the number of China’s network has exceeded 20 million, most of the scale of less than 100 people, more than half of the enterprises for manufacturing enterprises. More and more enterprises and individuals to enter the network industry, especially in the traditional enterprise network sales channels, the lack of relevant network sales management knowledge and sales of talents has become the bottleneck of its development.

office belongs to Tencent is the deployment of the entrepreneurial base plan, is expected to build 20 base in the country this year, for the rest of the developers to provide free office space, tax relief, traffic exposure and other policy support. At present, Beijing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities of the entrepreneurial base has landed and inaugurated, to accept the development team settled.

WIFI partner CEO Lian Zhiyao started business in July 2012, after six months, users reached about 1000000, in April 2013 to get angel investment. In the second half, Tencent opened the platform to find Lian Zhiyao, when Tencent incubation base has not been perfect, WIFI partners began off-site incubation. Initially, the Tencent on Lian Zhiyao’s ideas, values are not very understanding, many aspects of the WIFI partner’s approach to doubt. And after entering the support plan, communication becomes comfortable

not long ago, the general manager of Shanghai network strategy consulting firm Xu earth successfully nominated the world in 2009 "Ten Network" 30 strong. With the vast majority of network operators are not the same, Xu earth is not directly involved in the e-commerce business, the finalists rely on the e-commerce consulting and training services for enterprises. Look at Xu earth resume, "Taobao university business consulting system founding team responsible person", "Taobao University, Ali Institute chief consultant", "Taobao, Ali, senior lecturer at the University", "Haier, DELL and other enterprises e-commerce consultant" and other titles visible before the eyes.

What is the earth’s success by Xu

"open" has been discussed inside the Tencent in 2009. With the increasing number of users of Tencent, only 20 thousand employees of the Tencent may not demand of each user is developed by Tencent, to do an open platform, do entrepreneurs "utility", rely on entrepreneurs to meet thousands on thousands of billions of users demand for many products Tencent. On the Tencent’s open platform, not only users, developers and Tencent three parties, as well as government and venture capital funds. The Tencent is trying to make better projects on the open platform go on a more professional path through the help of venture capitalists.