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here again, I would like to express in one sentence: "the decision to start a business is to follow your heart. Never mind your thoughts, speak them, and practice them." "young, nothing is impossible,


!"The second hurdle: find the


of female college students is pregnant, because their parents strongly opposed, not with the male assistant shotgun marriage, child birth after being sent to the orphanage. Such unfortunate stories took place in Steve, ·, and Jobs. Dramatic side, small jobs to be adopted in less than a year, the success of the young married couple, and also gave birth to a daughter, the family is harmonious, the sister who later became a character archetype of the famous drama "Simpson family" in the.

Bezos is a 16 year old female senior high school children, the girl called Gisborne, parents are very open-minded, not only before the baby is born, and the third year to pay her daughter’s boyfriend got married, but also for the son’s academic and career run. However, Bezos is the biological father Jorgensen not on the wall of mud.

says my studio has three people, one is Liu Qiang, the word is really like the person, write the code is really fast and accurate, had to write a HTM language in three days and two nights without a break, it is just possible programmer. Persistent. The other one is Zhang Hong, this man, >


paid for his tuition at University of New Mexico, but soon he dropped out of school. He later father-in-law in the New Mexico police department to seek a job, also did not dry long. Jorgensen is an alcoholic, and friends often drink until midnight. Finally, in June 1965, when Bezos was 17 months old, the young couple divorced.


has a friend who has read my article and probably knows the way I write. It’s all about writing personal experiences. Why,


Entrepreneurship: make a decision

does not say the hardships they have experienced in their careers, and they also experience 99 hardships in their lives. In our business case, Bezos and Jobs’s life is full of twists and turns; Konosuke Matsushita and Edison are hard to finish…… In a word, there is no worst, only worse.

, that is to say, Jobs, Bezos, these two world-class entrepreneurs are not using their own surname. Compared with the below mentioned venture gangster life bitterness, Bezos, Jobs very lucky, they encountered a good father, stepfather, their parents’ marital difficulties just misfortune on.

here, may have to put it back in 2013, when I was just out of school to work for a year, there may be some friends will think, how come out two years to start their own business. see my previous written partnership entrepreneurship you choose to do, we just started? I am the only one studio, later, I took two of my classmates in my studio to join. One is written procedures expert, one is running business eloquence, able person. Why should I choose the two? Skip here first.

because, as I have mentioned in the article "to really change the city with my heart", the practice is what I tell people to express the most true, I’m not a technical talent, I also do not understand PHP, htm5, No. School not good for learning which is no wonder.

well, nonsense not say, direct access to the shared today to "start 1st anniversary, the five hurdle I experience

why should I choose entrepreneurship! Really, really behind the venture successful businessman must pay more than a hundred times more time and effort, you have to head home, life, etc. external factors, sacrificing a lot of hobbies, often at night 3, woke up at 4 can’t sleep, it very bitter. In my early days my friend home people have asked me, I wish you every day so small ah, hard work Xing you? You and your classmates with older people to take thousands of dollars salary have a good life, you deserve?



The first hurdle

IBM founder Thomas · Watson, at the age of 40, although expensive for the vice president of the company, but was expelled without a face to the company, with a newlywed wife and a son cry piteously for food from Ohio, Dayton, moved to a strange New York again, he also lawsuit in the body, face prison the disaster.

, Thomas, ·, Watson,

following shlf1314, the second market capitalization of billions of dollars of Internet companies, Amazon Co founder Geoff · Bezos’s birth can also be used "unfortunate" to describe.

, before talking about my experience, please let me introduce myself, I was born in 1990 in Chengdu, Leshan, in 2012 graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology of Chengdu the three college, computer network, and it is a loose fellow, of course, I will not use this way to go between. Ha-ha。 The following is my personal experience of summing up, but also my business to now 1st Anniversary time, so the close-up of this memoir to share or intend to be a start-up partner.

venture partner

not only to overcome the extraordinary career with many difficulties in general, life will be chastened, the so-called 99 difficult, finally read scriptures.