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                recently, the first video group VODONE LIMITED announced the successful completion of the second financing, and JP Morgan, Lehman brothers and other six third party strategic "hug" so, 410 million Hong Kong dollars into their own blood flow smoothly. In the meantime, with the first video, the first funding war and the success of the past year, Zhang Lijun, chairman of the first video, has firmly held 1 billion cash in his hand. The move will make the first video communications media company, which cooperates with it, gain stronger support from technology and marketing, and make the first video group the most powerful online video enterprise in china,

signal. The successful issuance of CB, the profit model by the international capital giant fully recognized

in the face of the new media in this network video industry is the most money, the attitude of the parties have maintained or alienated and ambiguous cautious tension, speculation and doubts, jealousy and envy never stop. Participate in the first video two financing big six banks tycoon, JP, Morgan, Lehman brothers, etc., has never been fuel-efficient lights, for the funds were put on the group’s inspection only "harsh" to describe, is far from enough. Why did never make a big fanfare, in favor of the first video and the usual low-key trot? Moreover, stampede in can be described as generous, the picking of big banks, what certainly will win?

and make the parties interested in the media than Zhang Lijun exactly is where sacred, get 1 billion cash flow? The first video is what kind of media, will trigger a "shock" the world’s industrial fission?

settlement cycle: week end.

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