The mobile terminal website can query the index

you see chart, small random search for a web site, at the site of the IP source, can be separated from what is the source of the PC and the mobile terminal, in addition, search volume keywords in the following rankings, also for keyword searches are listed from the PC end with the search from the mobile terminal.

this is a good news. Although the webmaster tools could not reflect the website ranking in the mobile terminal and included, with weight index, and in the search volume data is not very accurate, other webmaster tools is still not on the line of the function, but for the webmaster still has very important guiding significance:

3, for many webmaster, mobile search volume, but also the mobile Internet opened the door to the Shanghai dragon and SEM webmaster. More and more mobile end search data will be presented by the webmaster tools, and mobile search technology will be more and more mature, you can imagine in the near future, we can be like the optimization of the PC side of the site, in the mobile terminal to the web site for a variety of optimization and promotion work.

1, although the construction of the original ecological mobile applications as well as responsive website website has matured and can easily solve the problem in web browsing and mobile terminal PC and compatible, some big website platform also launched a free mobile phone service website construction, but most of the current enterprise network still belongs to only adapt to the PC client browser and operation mode, mobile search volume, which can help the enterprises to determine which end development more advantage in the PC terminal and mobile, whether it is necessary for the mobile terminal to the revision or re design their own website;


of course, this is just a good looking, mobile search volume is only a beginning, to be like the PC end general mature development there are many technical difficulties to be overcome, there are obstacles to cross. And, most importantly, open mobile terminal pattern, and the rules of the game is not a unified standard, the PC side of the Internet standards is not fully applicable to the mobile Internet market in the future, therefore, the webmaster also need to wait patiently. The Guangzhou 贵族宝贝71wl贵族宝贝 station (Guangzhou odd billion network technology Co., Ltd.), please keep the original link. Thank you


station query results


when using the love station query site index today, inadvertently found inquiries to the site in the mobile search volume! You see below:

2, the mobile phone website, you can search to determine the site in search of the mobile terminal, has estimated that in the mobile terminal site search ranking, the conversion rate of data. These data will effectively guide the website marketing direction, enable enterprises to reduce the cost of optimization and promotion, and more targeted marketing work;