Webmaster how to improve their core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon two Shanghai dragon resources

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. See more and more new entrants into the Shanghai dragon in this industry, those of US veterans of the more and more owners are feeling the pressure? Do not know what do you think of such a problem, I feel a lot of pressure. Love of learning for many webmaster, I very much support, generally as long as these webmaster friends ask me a question and I know it, I will know you can, because their growth will bring me a lot of help hidden culture, this can be considered a resource of the. An article in the front I talked about is "how to improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon one: Shanghai Dragon Technology", read the training of this article should know that today I want to talk about is the second aspects of Shanghai Longfeng resources, I hope these small ideas to help you.


learning resources

before I and everyone talked about the best way to learn is: Shanghai dragon real + Interest + the masters. If you really want to learn Shanghai dragon, you will learn fast, even the big difficulties "

said Shanghai Longfeng resources in fact there are many, for we do Shanghai Longfeng for everyone knows this is the most economical material, a way to promote the financial and human costs, and the owners in this industry we can cultivate resources include four major blocks: learning resources, human resources, information resources experience and resources. Each kind of resources we need to carefully develop slowly, continue to accumulate, continue to expand, so that we can put our resources to achieve the best Shanghai dragon. Of course, as culture of these resources is not without method, a lot of the time we need to observe carefully to find. The following specific talk about the four aspects of the culture resources.

for Shanghai dragon we are all need to learn every day, learning cannot take a day off, do not know how many people work hard at this point. For me, learning resources are many, the beginning is the introduction of some of their predecessors, A5 and Chinaz for example, popularity is very high, there are several major forum: A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why, a push, push 28, these sites are a good place for us to master learning. Of course, we all know them, but many of the above knowledge are not targeted for our owners who want to seriously study for a particular issue may not find the place, this time we need to ask them to find some older, we must pay attention to some write soft text in A5 webmaster or be happy and we exchange, for example, I was one of them, we want to communicate with me in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can add my QQ:578785411. Of course, Shanghai Longfeng essential to some of the QQ group inside the bully, must have to add some of the group, and not blind nets, but rarely involved, one or two can help your friends is a good find in a group inside, learn more knowledge to their Shanghai dragon.