Those things about the formal business station

enterprise website, back and forth are so few classification, can not be avoided for this type of website structure is single, because it has decided it’s structure model.

content is too simple

four, the interests of the heavy heart

said the enterprise station may have many friends will think it is too simple, but it is such a very simple site, Xiao Bian did not see several websites really well done, of course, here I am referring to "well done" in fact refers to is large flow, good network station.

reason, site structure of single


figure is too monotonous

has been the subject of discussion with you is how to make a station, today we change an angle to talk, and everyone together to talk about a formal business station in the optimization of the time how should we go.

whichever enterprise station, its purpose is to reach an order through the network, and to achieve this goal for SMEs in terms of investment is not too much, which makes the enterprise website the route is short, flat, fast line, and this is not the love of the search engine the type, because the search engine more stable long-term love type of website.

is a new enterprise website to get a hand, put all the optimization where all will do it in the best of spirits, on-line a few months, almost all end up waiting to be right down, punishment. A little good luck before may drop right and punishment has already been rewarded, bad luck is really after months of work and my own small come to nothing, this is a deep experience, so I want to tell you after the summary of Shanghai dragon ER a word may you >

as an enterprise, its scope must not be too large, perhaps only in a product, science, technology and so on, so the contents of the website will naturally around the product, discipline and technology circle, how can jump out the contents.

at this stage, Shanghai is still in love in the domestic search engine big boss position, grasp the search traffic for more than half of the search engine market in Shanghai, and for the love of this income eighty percent rely on bidding website, if the natural ranking can easily do it, it will lose a large but the price of income, which is a fatal blow to it. Plus there is a large part of the government, or Shanghai, or love or other forms do not allow the word, want to do so through the Shanghai Phoenix natural ranking has become more difficult.

in response to this phenomenon, Xiong Wei blog also summarizes several reasons for our reference:


can be said to everyone free to enter the enterprise station, they either from the form, appearance and so on are more or less similar, nothing new at all, cannot bring a person find everything fresh and new feeling.