The movie station optimization and Citation Method

I believe such practices we are doing, it is because if it is successful, then is zuoshou to get money, I believe we are also very clear, white hat Shanghai Longfeng practice, put up a website to do is to spend some time, but also very much distressed knowledge in Shanghai the dragon, the original content will take time. So how should we respond to this series of questions, I am also a movie station, recently very bitter is the site is down right, is also included high low, is very depressed, so that people engage in Shanghai Longfeng study for a period of time, a big reason is because of the original garbage and the chain for the content of the course includes Links, in the content of the original original issue, believe that movie website webmaster know that it is not possible, but tens of thousands of movie ah, you say to the original, it is not hard to force the bitter force? So I asked he asked, and then discuss the next, it decided to engage in information page, many movie website also add little information page, why not add, I believe we are also very clear, a CMS template is generally not on the information page, and Is to see a lot of stations did not add, on the station, I want to say something that they do so long time, but a few years ago, fell in love with the sea video just came out, Shanghai will give them some love to help, so we can not blindly follow them, so we have to make their own characteristics, and the main purpose it is to increase the original web page. There is the problem of the chain, here I talk to you friends of the chain, my site is down right Youlian there is a certain relationship, because my friends of the chain and at least one most be right down, a lot of people love the friends of the chain the more the better, but personally, more is not better, unless is of high quality and high weight chain, there is now a lot of people are not watching others website for friends of the chain, I say here is not high quality website, once you will get in K. Give you an exchange chain here: Friends of the chain is not much, in essence, is not the high weight of the chain and confused eyes, carefully check the website of others, to see whether it is the use of black hat on the site, or they drop the right K, you just wait and see. There is a saying why chain is not good, now most people can see the movie website is the chain webmaster tools, but you can get a new station so much the chain, then the love of Shanghai is likely to wonder if you keep here is the link >

, a white hat Shanghai dragon with a formal means to obtain the search engine to

latest movie station friend is relatively a lot, but really is up and that, but they are how to do it? There are three kinds of practice to do the movie website this industry (personal understanding): a white hat, Shanghai dragon, it means to optimize the access rules the amount of search engine. Two, the black hat Shanghai dragon, using informal means to obtain informal flow. Three, cited tablet. Now I will give you a summary of these issues: