The love experience of Shanghai website promotion

1. key words and then determine the love Shanghai experience Title: This is one of the most important steps, he decides to edit your content will be how many people see, so must be careful. Because love Shanghai experience is most suitable for long term promotion, so we can query through the tools to search through the website, to communicate with others, (such as word long tail, love Shanghai Darou index) to determine the words, you remember the long tail, long tail word with your love Shanghai experience, edit the Title matching degree is good, for example with the arrival of Valentine’s Day gifts, is definitely hot, you go to check the love Shanghai index found "Valentine’s Day gift what the word refers to" the girl "

The higher the weight of 1. What is the "

love the experience of Shanghai was issued outside the chain of the holy land, because it is a love of Shanghai, the website weight was very high, the chain is also placed in the reference hyperlink, too much better than text links, and edited by the difficulty is far lower than that of Shanghai and Shanghai know love love. Is the love of Shanghai products, but with the love experience of Shanghai reference links to add "nofollow" logo, its chain effect is also reduced greatly.

love Shanghai products, more easy to get good rankings;

love Shanghai experience reference links for website promotion, from the three aspects:

3. "you will lose", because I love Shanghai experience reference link with the "noufollow", it is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love the experience of Shanghai editorial content can easily be passed, which means you can do editing posts to achieve drainage the purpose of.

noufollow", nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag, the tag is to tell the meaning of search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. That is to say, with the chain nofollow logo is not transfer any weight to the site, it is not to say that love Shanghai experience reference added nofollow, do the link has no effect? I don’t think so, excluding the chain it, love Shanghai experience reference the link also has a very important role – Website promotion, increase website traffic.

so, how should we love Shanghai experience to achieve editing website promotion purposes, of course is not casually editing a content, following by the Xiamen Shanghai dragon to tell you how should edit:

2. love the experience of Shanghai to edit posts is generally "× × what", "how × ×" "experience of the nature of language, which belongs to the long tail keywords, such words and is a very accurate flow, drainage belongs to high quality; < / p>