The use of QQ bottles do outside the chain to think clearly again do not blindly follow the trend

4, this propaganda brought out rate target customers? How long is the site of the effective residence time

1, QQ bottle chain is up to 30 QQ I look for a needle in the ocean, a day, every day to deliver 180 bottles, according to the various conditions of bottle I according to different publishing mode and try to promote, but the response received bottle is not much, a few lady-killer like, full of information to respond is dirty. QQ bottle chain I held out for three days.

1, have analyzed you delivered bottles brought by the target population is what? How much effect on the value of your site? Will lead a group of lonely lady-killer like

1, QQ bottle has been divided into many categories, such as bottles, bottles and other city transfer, then according to the classification of different conditions on different promotion methods, such as: local promotion, it can choose the city bottle;

2, a drift bottle need to spend much time? If it is time to do these micro-blog marketing and other chain promotion effect which is more impressive? There is no such statistical data

? ?

3, website traffic analysis and no significant increase, because a QQ can deliver 6 bottles, you want more, you need to register more.

, 3 bottles of the chain can really bring back links to your website

2, after the domain command query domain not found any bottles I delivered the message, because I release the information is summarized in the notepad. So, some people say that QQ bottles can bring back links for this site, I really did not see the effect. Do not know how long to others is the conclusion of this I can make nothing of it, because three days later I stopped QQ bottles of the way of the chain, so unable to conclude.

QQ has the advantages of the chain of bottles do two important point I simply summarized into extraction:

recently circulated on the Internet "method using QQ bottle chain", this is indeed a very fresh chain for the chain, I have tried many times, after careful analysis of the results have little effect. Maybe I did not make good use of QQ bottles, or bottles of QQ chain extension value itself is not big. But for QQ bottles do outside the chain, I do have some real feelings, so I want to share exchange of my experience, after repeated analysis, I personally think the chain using QQ bottles need to be clear after the implementation, do not blindly follow the trend.

2, QQ bottles can be said to be outside the chain is very fresh, can bring traffic to your site.

QQ bottle chain please think about the following questions:


I use QQ bottles do outside the chain of results are as follows: