The website snapshot of the day into the original so simple


said the website snapshot is many webmaster concern is to check the rankings included and snapshot every time you turn on the computer first thing. At the forum, said: "I always see many webmaster website snapshot of how has not been updated," the website snapshot slow or correction. ". Some time snapshot one or two days slow webmaster will be very anxious, post everywhere to ask what is the cause. I am a baby car website also is such, yesterday in the change Links been discussed at the snapshot too slow but the other one refused. I do it a few months time, the snapshot weight did not know what a rookie, huh.. Oh. Ask them to give you some old Adsense words do not understand to love Haicha. When the love of Shanghai to find a lot of information about a few points:

said under the title, keywords, website site description is frequently modified, website article content acquisition is too serious and website where the server is not stable, often can not access the site, will cause the snapshot or website right down, I had this deep deficit. The first time I write not good hope everybody can forgive, but also hope that more people to pay attention to my station 贵族宝贝qr56贵族宝贝/ do not know where a lot of hope the exhibitions predecessors.


insist on doing as long as the effect is good, but to do a snapshot of the day I think is still a little difficult, so have what method? The author of these days in the online search for a few days and to master some advice, finally know the original snapshot of the day into is not so difficult to imagine. It is nonsense, direct say way. We check our website site in your website snapshot on the right there is a snapshot, click on the snapshot in is not a snapshot complaints? We choose to click into the snapshot complaints submitted to explain love Shanghai, snapshot of the problem! Usually a few hours fast as you can see the day, doing this friendship connection is very important. I personally tried a few snapshots slow, not what the problem snapshots quickly update the effect is very good. This method is very simple ah.

website snapshot of the day into the original so simple, my rookie below is some of my personal share, master.


site of the original, search engines love original articles if all is repeated or false original think search engine will love even right down?. The increase of the regular high quality external links and high quality Links, so the spider crawling our website more frequently, and included weight rises naturally. The best site update frequency is fixed, such as the author boy cart because of time sometimes is 8 in the morning, sometimes 9 o’clock at night, that do not good or very ashamed. Develop a good habit of spider to much time to update our website to understand, this time we will come and grab the contents of every day.