Website optimization is a lasting war

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the network to a battlefield, site optimization is a battle, in this battle have failed, some people were injured, one victory, the fight is the endurance, the fight is the ability to resist, so the website optimization is a lasting war.

site is composed of one page, but the search engine spiders love shock updated site, when a new page is generated, the search engine will continue to send spider web crawling page snapshot will be updated. If the site a few days not update, search engines will be aware of your site can be updated once every few days, every few days will turn to the site; if the search engine that did not update the site a month, he may have once a month, but found no update your website for 2 months. The search engine will think site has no one to manage, we may no longer do not come, then the snapshot will stop, ranking also disappeared.


tracking what content? Is the main competitor on the keywords ranking tracking, observation of rival site update frequency, update the number of articles every day, what time of day update, search engines, web site overall situation, the reverse link condition;

tracking competitors released, what content is not the content adjustment, business transfer, strategic adjustment;

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after deep reflection daft know a website built, as appearance, that is not enough, need to let the website live, let website operation, benefit. Just three days before is updated two times, and the amount is not stable, and the content of the website also did not pay attention to. Here is the reason of failure was summarized, and we hope to encourage each other, don’t let search engine abandoned her.

site: Jiading city network, recently is not normal, ranking fluctuated, like flying bullets, not sure. Also could not find the reason: included in this article are not too small, the chain is also a lot to achieve this level is the search engine can be abandoned?

these are all we need to know. We need to adjust your site keyword content, according to the monitoring of the competitor’s synchronous development, beyond the opponent

second is to learn to follow a competitor’s website

third is the overall structure of the site need to constantly improve, improve the quality of web content, improve the user experience, site repair node >

: first, continuously updated website content

every competitor analysis link growth, released in which link to the site, there is no release of the soft, in the production of thematic portal, media advertising, auction and so on; there is no professional website on the implementation of the optimization.


as the saying goes, only the enemy can ever victorious, understand competitors regardless of station under construction, or in the process of optimization, is very important.