This is the stage of this new station in Shanghai Longfeng share

2, included in the snapshot included two weeks

ER was born in Shanghai dragon road, will be good at it.

general line on the website are not included, to study experience in 7-30 days (Google called the sandbox), this stage mainly do is to adjust the content of the web site, the layout of a good Shanghai Longfeng internal frame. In addition, also need to update the content, because not included doesn’t mean the search engines don’t crawl.

on the author’s personal experience as an example, combined with the new printing Xpress mall, share a new station in several processes that must be experienced in the process of Shanghai dragon.

, the site on the 23 day, began to have included and released. Personal analysis of the reasons is the site of the online time relatively early period is from the beginning of time on the line, and the content of the web site is updated and modified in every day, the search engine more love faster updates website. The most important thing is not like the search engine submission site, but by some outside the chain of high weight nature into the.


do Shanghai dragon, is nothing more than two words can be summarized "plagiarism" and the beginning of learning but also the ability to copy no ground for blame is a shortcut. But when you do a year later, still did not understand the words of Shanghai individual dragon, I think you do not fit Shanghai dragon, even if it is to continue to do so, not too high achievement.

Xpress printing included, snapshots in June 7th, included the date is June 17th. Shanghai dragon Er should be careful that the two time love Shanghai update time (until now is Thursday, Thursday is a weekend). Love Shanghai, although given included, but for the confidence of the website is still relatively low, need to accumulate more weight in order to better collect and update snapshot.

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online a lot of people say Shanghai dragon is relatively low threshold, this is not false, but in the eyes of the author, Shanghai dragon is the most complex, and most important. A good Shanghai dragon Er need not how profound theory, only need to have enough personal ideas and practical experience, it can be said that the Shanghai dragon is the lowest for the knowledge requirements, often is the highest for the request.

includedAt the beginning of The effect of

this time, generally speaking is to emphasize the content (theory). But the experience of the author is the chain, and the chain high weight. >

general theory is to wait until the site design and content added, in the whole line is better. In order to let heart Indian mall as an example, the author is directly on the line, then the line in one month’s time, the adjustment of the layout of the website constantly, content and related anchor text optimization, content filling.

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