On the release of the chain general priority principle

here first and you say sorry, because ha IT still have work to do, put the "extensive principle" and "user experience" principle together, to do extensive, not only to choose when the chain is more and more widely different websites to do. Also when the chain anchor text to extensive, not always a word, the form of the chain should be wide, can not open the anchor text, so as to put the wide best, user experience is mainly from the user point of view to do outside the chain, not for ranking, to do the chain some deception nature to deceive users to click and search engines crawl, but this time the site could pick up, but out of the mix always has, is not conducive to the development of the website account, and is fatal, so the chain is released to Kennedy >

fourth: extensive user experience and principle of

second: the weight of the priority principle of

The correlation between

had released the chain personnel all know, the chain can be divided into anchor text, text and hyperlinks in three forms, although they are usually called the chain, but strictly speaking plain text and hyperlinks can only be called "love Shanghai" related domain only anchor text can be called "the chain", also not with their pure text form, the main role is to increase the love of Shanghai related domain, direct access to the main function of hyperlink and increase website, the role of the anchor text is mainly to increase the site target keywords ranking and promotion website weight, so the chain should adhere to the "anchor text first" principle.

: the first form of the priority principle of

some people say that the chain is a "hard work", because he only will be the same mechanical chain, some people say that the chain is a "live" because it adhere to the principle of not doing any work today, ha IT network and teach you how to put "manual live" into "live", let you of the chain release more efficient.

it is easy to understand, it is outside the chain preference weight high place, there are two main benefits, according to the principle of weight transfer, the chain is released in high weight website to promote their site weight increase, on the other hand, due to the high weight website chain to do more, so it will be relatively small number you don’t have to worry about the site, because the chain change radically and be punished right down, to the rank of the stable, so the chain should adhere to the "high priority priority" principle

third: the correlation between the priority principle of

we are not unfamiliar, but also know the quality of the chain first off the high place to do will be relatively high, ha ha IT net to say here is between itself and the "high quality" is never mind, but the high correlation where there will be "high quality users" exists, so the link here it is easy to click, are also more likely to directly to the site to bring value to customers, so the relevance should be two aspects is not only the "quality" is the "value", so the chain should adhere to the "relevance priority" principle