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Gu Fangyuan has recently come into contact with a lot of Shanghai dragon ER station, there are a considerable number of their website, and is living in the site of profit, the majority of owners monthly income of only a few hundred to 2000 yuan, very little more than 2000 yuan a month or more, the owners of these include the Beijing Shanghai dragon, Changsha Shanghai Phoenix competition index is not low in Shanghai love home, but Gu Fangyuan and talk to them that they don’t know much of love Shanghai weight calculation method, even to just Shanghai Longfeng content and link optimization, every day they are repeating the same work, every day is to different places. The anchor text links, most of them and I said, like Beijing Shanghai dragon day popular keywords should be stable on the first page, must insist on sending dozens to 200 every day Here I feel unequal, strange! Why do they know Shanghai, equal to the external link! But it’s really not so, I think more about the Shanghai dragon is a kind of strategy, instead of repeating work, the Shanghai dragon ER do will be very tired, link to speak skills, like send a link to high quality than the 10 low quality links are much stronger, there is the original content of the update is the website have long-term vitality of the security, Gu Fangyuan also give these income is not too ideal to master several solutions, sincerely wish they have a better harvest, do not say words. The following say right now,

love Shanghai weight calculation method

Webmaster Tools Platform to see the site of the overall situation, if you are a careful webmaster, you will find love, from the Shanghai index is expected to flow, background traffic is high, so the weight of love Shanghai is also higher, this is no doubt things, love is love by weight in Shanghai Shanghai traffic index division standard, more than 150 road traffic, then the weight rises above 2350 rise to 3, the love of Shanghai at every level of weight lifting, change, overall website ranking will love Shanghai quality day December 8th, Shanghai dragon dream love Shanghai learning net weight rose to 2, a long tail keywords series of immediately enhance the quality, like the Shanghai dragon is what this word no small difficulty, directly from the original 58, rose to 16, an increase of 40 level directly, since December 11th The site for the record, was forced to put the key site, site is temporarily transferred to the Hongkong room, the results of the second day immediately began to appear drop right phenomenon, snapshot is not updated, love Shanghai weight fell to 1, the overall ranking of website started right down, from here you can see the sea the weight of how important it is to fall in love with a station, so when you want to quickly improve your site weight so love Shanghai, love Shanghai home improvement index flow throughout your website, as long as the flow rate increases, so the weight will naturally rise, we can go to the 10 level reference flow site will know the power of the weight, the weight calculation method of graphic love Shanghai.