A website to optimize multiple keywords

it is usually the most important keywords on the home page. In other words second on each column or channel. If we have a long tail keywords, belongs to the class of third, can be used to optimize the content of the page.

two is not on the front page, it’s actually the opposite, two keywords should appear on the home page, because these words will strengthen the role of the main keywords.

this keyword optimization distribution, the website will have a strong logical and semantic system, such as Pyramid. The home page is your most want to place the word, but also the most difficult words. Whether it is from the entire site or from semantic links, keywords are outstanding home. Two word distribution

On the home page The

website optimization if it is three or four words, then focus on the homepage can basically. But if there is more than ten refers to twenty or more, you need to put these keywords appropriate arrangements throughout the site, not only rely on the home page. How can they better together? Or is it a website of the ranking of the words to do better.


search engine through semantic analysis, also know this. The semantic relation not literally, but through a lot of statistical data out. This is some intelligent search engine.


multiple keywords optimization is the premise of keywords, you want the most is limited to a maximum of three or four hot words. If the two keywords are also popular, I am afraid to do a separate website, are placed on the home page to achieve the effect. In column page, because you are not likely to have a lot of good all column page links, so hot words want to line up is difficult, unless you can really put this website into a very authoritative station.

in the main keyword is the key, "from the title, Kaara Kashige, Hx tags, location number words appear, are more prominent than other words.

will appear in the navigation links at least above these two keywords. On the first page of text in appropriate, and links to the corresponding column and the channel page up.