Give two reasons to love Shanghai products chain

2, Shanghai love their products: "milk is Baidu" or "widdy"

love Shanghai really recently is mustering the strength on the user experience, for dumps and combat cheating has been too horrible to look at. Love Shanghai so high user experience requirements for each website administrator is proposed, if their product’s user experience is not done well, how can serve the world? A house does not sweep, sweep the world! So it started to clean up the garbage site and cheating sites, will first start from their own products to among them, the link is a very important check item >

?The weight of

a lot of people struggling to chase love Shanghai product chain is nothing more than two reasons: high weight, love their products in Shanghai. Especially the third reasons, we Chinese many webmaster heart will feel the love of Shanghai’s own products how will care, can also close with love presentation Shanghai through them, ranking how there will be little help. Whether or not this thing, I think sex Shanghai product chain is not realistic, the two reason is the high weight and love of Shanghai’s own products, I say my opinion:

he told me about this matter, said a let me very interested in the topic: he started the chain in Shanghai has invested a lot of energy products, mainly in Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar love love experience. But in his chain proportion, love Shanghai more than 1/3 products. He dare not say how much of this is down right and love seafood chain, but I’d like to reassess the sex of Shanghai products chain in the end is not reality.

love Shanghai products is really high, but not general small site climb up. The high weight of the site can only do link with high weight website, like the rich basically only rich and like traveling. Have you ever seen a large and small web site can establish a link in earnest? Can give you a personal space and complain, let you stroll forum is very good. You see love Shanghai encyclopedia left in the link which is a vegetarian, and now the threshold is more and more high. Love Shanghai, love and love experience of Shanghai library Shanghai Post Bar left link is relatively easy, but the love of Shanghai will really give high weight? If these links are really in earnest love Shanghai their own links, there is Sina with a new Links do, too natural! Love Shanghai and the world economy will have such feelings? Said the reality, so the world wide, and it is it over? It really makes me wonder.

2012 love Shanghai algorithm is updated very frequently, but the magnitude of the updates are relatively large, many of which are updated for the chain, including Links. A friend of mine spent three months of hard to do a webmaster website, see ranking has slowly up, in this update ranking one hundred all fell to the outside.

1, high weight: you climb up