The original content or ranking will rise in the spring to do the webmaster

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second: the spark plan is specific to what the industry

: the first spark plan recognition of original content accuracy rate of

to identify whether the original content is very difficult, almost two sites also released the same article, love Shanghai algorithm how to distinguish this article who is the original? If love Shanghai has a collection of two articles. This judgment, if love Shanghai is not included in this article two site the sea or love? The first included an article reproduced, because the weight of the site reproduced is relatively high, but the real first time release site original weight is relatively low. In a word, love Shanghai unless the spider crawling speed is very fast, otherwise it is very difficult to judge an article which is the site of the original, original algorithm must be error, this is how much accuracy but no ground for blame, love Shanghai Xinghuo plan recognition of original content. I am afraid only to collect a lot of data, and then to approximate this ratio, the error of love after Shanghai is sure to reduce the algorithm, the real high-quality original content ranking.

on the Internet too much garbage, love Shanghai original spark program is specific to what.

news August 12, 2013, love is about to start the original spark program, the original spark program must have a lot of people have heard about, so I was interested in the original mechanism of love Shanghai subdivision three types: the original Easy Access, the original author of column, the original brand area, these mechanisms include personal original and the original brand. On the Internet site type very much, there are news sites, small and medium-sized enterprise sites, personal sites and so on, the original content includes original articles, the original picture, the original video and music, of course, the love of Shanghai is mainly in the original article. The original spark program is to encourage people to create high-quality content, search results show love Shanghai will give priority to these original content, that is to say the original content of the ranking will be better. This for the webmaster, it is a big news, perhaps the webmaster of spring has come true.

in the past we have written the original content, but once the weight of the high site reproduced, after which it becomes the original content of others, but in their own station on this article is not included, so the power against the webmaster write original. Now the original spark plans may change this situation, and the original article ranking will rise, although the ranking depends not only on whether the original content, but the love of Shanghai algorithm could increase in the proportion of the factors, the webmaster all day thinking about how to increase website traffic, writing quality content, do a lot of words in the long tail optimization. If the original content of the ranking really increased significantly, so the webmaster as long as much to write quality content on the line, so that we can bring the long tail word flow substantial, also to do Shanghai dragon we also be of great advantage. But then again, the author of the original content priority display, there are still a few worries.