Do three kinds of chain related to the premise of the site

2. forum, forum to promote the effective and necessary.


collection forum account, then the maintenance of the forum account, a part of the Forum on the construction of the chain is relatively large, a good forum, there is a huge chain output, is also very easy to interact, is the most love spider climb places, the forum here, so please focus on the use of favorable forum the forum now link is not very easy, very easy to be deleted, but can feel some interesting things to write, take to care for the link, rather than arbitrary AD, remember to see a you write in the bottom in a forum, this article finally why a not related links, then I return to this is a typical AD, this.

Three ways of

set up a blog and then writing, can remember with the relevance of the article on the premise, the blog method is also need daily maintenance, maintenance of blog is actually every day to do the chain, the most tired, find articles, publish, find articles to re release, one-time maintenance if blog a number of words, the feeling is not good maintenance over, but the blog is most easily accumulated weight, hand to hand training by updating the training through the main domain;

blog comments: This is our blog about the best way to believe that now more and more Shanghai dragon blog, blog is a kind of interactive blog visits, visits is also a good way of traffic sources, blog comments in the associated website, there are certain benefits, although there are many the addition of nofollow, but the chain construction is extensive, this point if there is a personal blog friends can start from a comment, and then go to other web sites to find others sites such as Lu Songsong’s comments on many websites, that is we can use the resources of blog, blog and comment. The blog is very active blogger.

1. blog, blog is the most commonly used way chain.

: do the best way outside the chain, the chain is most suitable in the most appropriate time, my understanding is that adding these pages in correlation with the correlation chain, a website, a web page is associated with the type of website can do Shanghai dragon to do the same for Shanghai the dragon’s friend, "and is in correlation with local similar links, for example, a web page is to introduce the soft Wen written, then theme page is soft, so if at the bottom on the same soft theme of the chain, so the effect is excellent, so do please look for the chain, which is the premise of correlation.

before an article written to website content, and the content and the chain is closely linked, the chain is manufacturing came to your door, outside the chain of good for both users and search engines will make people feel comfortable, here is simply under the premise of the chain and in several ways.