Content is king is further confirmed in the noble baby new algorithm


this is before the adjustment of the distribution of

algorithm to adjust the nobility baby news reports, caused widespread concern in the website optimization and search engine marketing industry circle. The most striking is known as "content farms" and "internal noble baby panda action" algorithm. Shenzhen website www.ruanyouhua贵族宝贝 is the algorithm in the adjustment of income. This is a new station, what almost no external links, but its rich content, original content, the strength of many old station keywords Shenzhen website optimization into the Google home page first position force. This noble baby algorithm in the optimization of adjustment expected, but did not think it would come so soon. This is mainly affected by the long-term no one care website content is not updated in a timely manner, lack of original content site.

ranking factors

Shenzhen, founder of the green soft optimization search engine marketing founder Deng Youcheng believes that panda action is a strong signal of noble baby transmitted to the outside world, the content of far-reaching impact on the ranking, the high degree of attention to the content of the noble baby than ever before, this estimate will not change the tone.


the adjustment of social reference role has been strengthened, the proportion rose from from 6% to 20%. Interactive social network quoted plays an increasingly important role in the search engine optimization. Content is king "Shanghai dragon law be further confirmed in the" noble baby panda ". Source: www. Shanghai dragon

through the above we can see that external links of contribution to the weight, weight of the domain name industry rely mainly on external links to pass, the proportion of 66%. Shenzhen soft optimization founder Deng Youcheng stressed that this algorithm adjusted significantly to tilt in the social quality and quoted the website content, we can clearly see the similarities and differences between the algorithm before and after adjustment:

is rich in content, high degree of original and unique is the main factor of this algorithm considered. The user and the content of the interactive role is also reflected in the algorithm. For example, air filter www.szmyjh贵族宝贝 website, are original content, and the article inside visit PV high, so noble baby will consider the website user experience is good. Below we through the two map contrast before and after the adjustment algorithm to see, due to the related changes: