What points need to pay attention to the original article

2, the content is not too propaganda. The contents of the monotonicity of the publicity of a product, and there is no other introduction. This article can be put on the website. As if soft, is very inappropriate. The role of the soft is not only able to understand this product, and the need for additional harvest. Such as access to market information, compared to the corresponding, the emergence of a selective phenomenon;


can not only speak of goods, from multiple angles analysis. As to explain their respective trades, views and people on this collection. Combined with the market reaction, four effective together, greatly enhance the readability of the user;

1, the content should be diversified, avoid a single. In today’s information network, can search a lot of the same of the article, and the content is too simple. And now the soft, the need to avoid the adverse factors. But from many aspects, the validity of the exposition.

3, consistent with the content of the rules of search engine. This is to avoid the main filling too miscellaneous information, indirect users see this information. As is the publicity collection category of text, in which there are information content of clothing, is a kind of random have the order reversed the effect of filling, not conforming to the rules of search engine, will be "abandoned";

based on the current situation, in writing the text, need to pay attention to the following points:


, for example, is not able to do the collection industry, is a single out of a commodity, for the hype. The main content of the product, is a production company, has the effect of what. At the same time, there will be what kind of effect after use, how much is in the market price.

original article, magic is the winner. A good article, get a higher user attention, can be intuitive to see the effect. Therefore, people are willing to spend some time to write a high quality of soft wen. At present, the Internet, for this kind of soft Wen of marketing, also began to make some rules. Then, to limit the effect of the soft play.

4, consistent with the content of the user’s reading habits. Generally, people are accustomed to leading posts. The focus of this paper, the effect of step by step, a step by step. The beginning of the article, is the need to have a strong attraction. Thus, there will be read on interest. Therefore, when writing, need to design scientific and reasonable good level of the relationship;

visible, a successful soft Wen, consideration is the need for multiple factors. Thus, in order to obtain successfully. With the investment of time, but also inseparable. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝, more.