The need to pay attention to the establishment of the Shanghai dragon six

2, select the appropriate domain name

is simple, think of yourself. What kind of station? I heard that many novice webmaster friends website traffic is high, earn money, have altogether rushed me to do this type of station. This is a big misunderstanding, others can succeed, you can not succeed. No matter what type of website, must do the analysis done before. The analysis of this type. The intensity of competition website. II. Analysis of themselves have the ability to do a good job, the technology can not be guaranteed. The analysis. If you do this, the energy spent is worth. Determined to build their own website type, still need to analyze what competitors website, learn its essence, to its dregs.

a lot of people say that the good domain name is half the success, this sentence is very reasonable, good domain is more likely to make people remember, of course, a good domain name SE (search engine) is also very love. But now how to register the domain name, domain name is the good domain name? Is simply three points: 1. Short domain name; 2. 3. Easy memory; easy spelling; the domain name should have meaning.

this article mainly to Shanghai dragon novice, please pass master. I contacted a few years Shanghai dragon, remember when just contact Shanghai dragon, feel very mysterious, very deep, in fact is not the case, Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, as long as you know some skills inside, is very easy to get started. This is my first article published in the A5, one after another will send some related articles to Shanghai dragon.

this is the Shanghai dragon is very important, only good choice of keywords, to get more traffic. According to your choice of site type, selection and analysis, the choice of keywords. Keywords analysis and selection tools have a lot, to be able to search search. This tool can choose long tail keywords good. Now the competition is more and more big, the choice of the long tail is also a while but very effective but choice. Simple talk about how to choose the long tail: I have a personal website construction site, select the keywords are: "XX XX website construction, website promotion, some novice said, doing" website construction, website promotion "of these two words is not better? You can get more traffic, the more of the list. Because the long tail can be more easy to do, but also involves analysis of the search habits. So in a month, I put my website studio website do love Shanghai, Google first. Because it is two class city, so the flow is not too high. 30-50IP every day, but every month can also received a single, enough.

according to the key words choice, establish >

3, website keyword selection.


The construction of new sites:

tell the following basic Shanghai Dragon:

4, website

1, select the type and direction of the establishment of the