Three the details of the site optimization to adhere to the


website optimization process of most Shanghai dragon ER will be the focus of local do very detailed, such as publishing original articles, outside the chain of high quality etc.. When we are doing these when it is at every station is optimized in this way, the search engine has been used, and can not give too much weight to your station. So pay attention to the details of the station got talent shows itself ranking and traffic increase, then what is the so-called details, how can we do the details of the optimal. This paper will be described in detail.

The construction of

chain in detail, adhere to the production site map update. Through observation the author recently, many sites are not a complete site map site map or not. How much impact site map for a site in the end? We do a comparison. There are two sites, the first to do a good website internal links, every article and other articles are closely linked to each other there is a link, link level not more than 3. Net > Second

to write the article details, insist on writing long tail keywords. When we write the original article title and article will most of the contents of the echoes, in an article in the times reflect the keywords of the title of the article. The article links such as other station in the links to establish internal circulation links, search engine friendly. But for a few years ago, the search engines do these is quite enough, but the ranking effect will be very obvious, now we all know these methods, and everyone is very easy to do. To each station are not prominent, each station is so dull, no one search engine feel particularly good site. So we put forward the long tail keywords, we then injected some of the details in the writing of the article, the long tail keywords into the article. Long tail keywords means is the method for the pan all users may search words added to the title of the article, an article with one or two words, ten article is ten to twenty words, one hundred article is one hundred or two hundred words long tail key words, Many a little make a mickle., the effect is obvious. But once the effect of long tail keywords will continue ten long, is a very important optimization method. So the long tail keywords how to write, how to determine the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords is around the main keywords established, from the literary expression must conform to the conventional thinking of the people, such as "Shijiazhuang securities" this article main keywords. I have written articles when deliberately written as "the best securities in Shijiazhuang securities do solve all your problems", so that the general search such as "best Shijiazhuang securities" and so on some of the more complex words will search to this article. At the same time, it is also very helpful for us to have the main keywords of each article all fit the set up, so as to secure website main keywords status, make internal site showing weight distribution in Pyramid sample, the main keyword weight is highest, followed by the long tail keywords and so on.