Wuhan Shanghai dragon boy mix website page rank approach

keyword anchor text, page I ranked fourth, the words every day to bring a little bit of traffic to me, I will not some other examples, we can through some love Shanghai weight query tool view, generally have the word searches if involved in the ranking will be displayed the. But in our analysis more words, several cases in combination to do before, I thought to write an article, their experience summary, also let everyone to express their views. The following write method:

!The subject of this article is

here regardless of other factors such as the web structure, simply from some optimization methods to explain the reason of this topic, today to share this topic, because of the recent being malicious brush IP, I went to see the background traffic flow from the background, the search engine to the relative Shanghai dragon blog is still very impressive the careful analysis, long tail keywords bring traffic even more traffic than several main keywords, here. Let everyone look at a page within the site keywords ranking:

Huang ha son from the last article mixed kid back has 11 days, this time with some things, very busy, things always, it is time to share more articles, this time for a person always brush my blog traffic for second days from you brush flow began to have started to meet the site optimization list of impulse, of course I also ready to start the list, the list is because now more free time, I can use this list to share more experience, let the novice to learn more, practice, we understand the


today to share website page rank is how to do, how to achieve this simple page ranking, in fact, the popular point is about how to get the long tail keywords ranking, because this article is quite rampant, so here to write a few just got my personal practice, does not represent any other person’s point of view, also welcomed the practical experience of a friend of a message.

You can see the

2 pages, the chain: website optimization friends should know that the search engine for the page and page a little differently, at least before some people say that, for Google in page like the attitude of love Shanghai relatively high weight of home page (2 level domain using a lot of brush station group to brush some of the competition is not strong words, often achieve very good results, this is actually the love of Shanghai BUG), but why is generally the first.

, 1 Pages: why is the intensity of efforts, in fact I do not know, just think of a word, is the readability of the article, the length of the original, etc.. You can go to search the long tail keywords generally look carefully, ranked in the home even before 3 is generally the penetrating, very readable, is the most direct expression can bring to the user what he wanted, then jump out rate is low, stable long-term ranking can