The website ranking in the cause of love Shanghai fall

The structure adjustment of

3. sites suspected of illegal or illegal laws, this is one of the most serious cause, such as general is this kind of reason, then the web ranking recovery is unlikely, as is the unintentional release or because the resulting interactive website content is not controllable nature of illegal content, it is recommended that the best is to replace the domain name again station.

5. website, this is the reason why the most easily overlooked, I would often make such a mistake, cause not ranked segment decline, website structure adjustment here is not limited to the directory structure of the web site template, an ordinary Shanghai dragon and Phoenix r all know template and directory structure will lead to the ranking is not stable, but the emphasis here is the overall structure of the site, for example, before I stand is a pure information site of construction of Dede, the website ranking steadily rising, so in the second level directory on a Shopping Mall, but precisely because of this two level directory of the mall, the overall structure of the site to adjust, also let the ranking has dropped to hundreds of meters away, here is that, if different types of sites, in the two catalog is established to consider carefully, my address Solutions to this different type of sites built on the two level domain name.

believe that every practice of Shanghai dragon R will experience the love of Shanghai ranked the fall suddenly. This is perhaps the ranking drop down to a few pages, dozens of pages, or even ranking disappear. But more people think this is in love with K out of the sea. In fact, this is just the ranking back, by the spider on the site recently performance analysis and give a survey of temporary ranking, but whether small or big drop. The reason is the same:

in contributions!

as the day ranked Shanghai dragon R, do not have to drop ranking short and get disheartened, as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, only our system analysis and observation, will find the ranking factors of instability, to an antidote against the disease. Only in this way, one ranking will do. This paper consists of:

2. algorithm, the search engine needs to stop to change the algorithm to the R strain Shanghai dragon door means, this update is not regular, if you encounter such updates, it will temporarily remove the suspected website ranking, the general reason ranking drop,

will return in a week in Update We will contact the

4. external reasons, such as the virtual host or server in each spider can arise when you open the case. When repeatedly encountered such a situation, the ranking will be adjusted accordingly, the majority of lower ranking, and even delete the website

1. is suspected of cheating, which is the industry often say that the black hat means, we are temporarily unable to learn search engine is how to determine whether the black hat, but in looking at the long-term plan and plan, try not to use mass software