Static website why let the webmaster of love and hate

enterprises in the optimization of the website to make the best of static and dynamic web site combines, such sites can be successfully completed site optimization optimization, after, in order to have a better effect, to optimize your website more successful, finally complete their website optimization objective.

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in our website optimization for the search engine, dynamic web sites are hidden in the content of the deep, resulting in the spider crawling is not so easy, even sometimes, only through the site map and site navigation to find a relatively static website, this can be a very good website the content is very good in the search engine front completely. At the same time, the static stability of website structure more website.

website optimization combining

search engine crawling

search engine convenient index

Comparison of the dynamic website website of the static

code is relatively simple, unlike the dynamic website that will lead to a lot of wild pages appear not to be search engine crawling. A website with most pages from search engines and so on crawling, so the weight of the website’s ranking will be seriously affected, so more static to let search engine crawling and indexing of Web sites, and pseudo static pages, but also can make search engine very convenient crawling, so as to increase the site included.

with the advance of the Internet, Shanghai dragon company optimization technology has also been improved on site. But a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in optimize the website, or static website of love. For now the site optimization in many ways, not only is a static website, static network website construction method was originally, now has a lot of dynamic website construction, but in the optimization but also for static website. It is out of what reason?

although there are many advantages of static, stable site structure, increase the site included, but still have a static website construction does not meet the current requirements, so a lot of enterprises in the construction site or the use of dynamic website, at the same time processing of pseudo static. Increase the site to the search engine friendly, to improve the site included.

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