Shanghai dragon Er do not rely on Shanghai dragon teach you a creative marketing method

MMS marketing:

now micro-blog can become a marketing place, of course you want to get a good effect, or to some enterprise product It differs from man to man., does not apply to micro-blog, no matter how you do of course is not effective. If micro-blog marketing is enterprise or website can apply for V certification, this is generally a good application, then the beginning of the fans do not need too high quality, only need large enough, can go with some other dough, add friends.

when you know this point, he started to look for in the network in addition to the Shanghai dragon, can bring flow approach to the site, then you found many ways.

find some related forums, each forum registration ten vest, with a master in the first few days, at the forum, help to help others, often let people on the forum has a certain effect on you, then you can try to send some soft, and vest, when asked to. From time to time to put this day against, IP is considerable.

in many people’s impression, network promotion is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon like Everything will be fine.. In fact, as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is only part of the network popularization, although very important, but you can not see it as all rely on. Blindly pursue only the enterprise or individual Shanghai dragon, is walking alone on the high ropes, accidentally killed.

also can be used as clients for answering questions, because of his very strong interaction, is also very casual. From time to time to organize some activities, to increase the number of fans.

blog marketing:

can set up an expert blog, if you are doing mobile phone newspaper, can put the blog into a mobile phone newspaper recommendation platform, make your blog focused on an area, to guide the flow at the proper time for their own master.

when you find yourself looking, doing time, but several marketing methods, have you ever thought about doing something that other people haven’t tried the marketing method? In fact, an unknown domain the sooner you enter, the more you can get something.


forum marketing:

Net > Micro-blog marketing:

sure, as the site is just a platform, and the content is the key to success. A collection of four ads everywhere, poor compatibility of the enterprise stand, who would go to look at the close button? Is their most gracious response.


is now more and more companies want to in the tide of the Internet into the soup. We have to put into the website construction and marketing. When you do a bulkhead, and found that the effect is not as good as expected, if in doubt, when the judge