Tens of thousands of independent blog P give to us

second, one can provide valuable content of the site, little publicity can obtain stable flow, and soon can do word-of-mouth.

also, Moonlight blog comments, as is the key to a page ranking. Of course, the comment function is not what special function, then can cause the user’s comment on the interaction is optimized by the blogger skill. We all know that ZAC’s post reply, often can reach hundreds of. Search engines love a can update the page, if the content is not always immutable and frozen, and reincluding ranking reason. We can use the daily news release a ranking for the case, why the new.

we must first start from the content of the blog. Valuable content was collected, reprinted, belong to a normal thing. At the beginning of their website weight low, write your own original became another traffic tool is a good thing. Because we wrote earlier, released in early one or two, article search engine may not determine the original site. However, every time we are original articles, search engines cannot be judged. The general value of the content, search engine is the first fully included content, then quickly included in the page, and finally give the ranking. Early may make contributions, later when the other site collection of web content, search engine can determine the number of original site articles are cited, giving the ranking. The search engine to determine a web page ranking weight, not entirely in accordance with the number of the chain, the number and content referenced by other sites.


first, we look at the Moonlight blog data:


Moonlight blog index on word-of-mouth search results.


blog, it blog legend is a simple blog only, how do we have tens of thousands of IP? Many forums, portals, and industry website, did not do so flow. Why is this? I believe that as long as there is a Shanghai Longfeng experience or experience in IT industry friends, went to the Moonlight blog will be deeply attracted. Every article inside, have to say deep soul. Remember that ZAC has said, the Shanghai dragon share is very popular abroad. In China, scanty substance can share. The moon is the best blog, share content scanty in the web site. The author wrote this article from this respect "blog tens of thousands of IP give to us".

from the data included two major search engines to see, the blog included the amount of about 10 thousand, and the estimated flow is more than 30 thousand IP. Why the blog of the original can bring traffic? Many of my friends might say the weight of Moonlight blog caused by high ranking. We are doing Shanghai dragon, the weight is not ranked bring? So Moonlight blog rankings come from?