Shanghai Dragon Road Google optimization algorithm into human intention analysis stage


in ancient times, since the age of turbulence and various non-human factors, change dynasties is a very normal phenomenon, and will make more progress in the former based on after each time changed, this is also the dynasties only for today’s thriving and prosperous. Today I want to say is the same reason: Shanghai dragon algorithm replacement, the content is king of the era has come to the cutting point.

saw before the algorithm cannot let the Internet continue to good development, Google continues to love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng ranking update algorithm, especially the recent launch of the Google hummingbird algorithm, has started slowly into the intelligent, is no longer merely the keywords ranking algorithm, which is based on Internet search to determine its true intentions, and then through the contrast returns the search results. Therefore, I believe that content is king of the times of cutting point has come, because we only do a real user >

it is understood that in 2007 Shanghai dragon Chinese origin, but also because each search engine algorithm was not very mature, and this industry has just entered the Shanghai dragon Chinese, has not caused netizens attention, therefore, the industry in Shanghai Longfeng Chinese to say is not popular, has been in a neglected state, rise until two years later.

in Shanghai dragon originated from

Chinese in Shanghai Longfeng began to market after two years of silence

Shanghai dragon industry after two years of silence Chinese, 2009 began to attract the webmaster friends attention and fire up, when speaking of Shanghai Longfeng almost all the webmaster can say one or two, and many people began to keen to summarize and share their experience in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also opened the Shanghai dragon gate China however, because of the time, the search engine for the Shanghai dragon all are not react strongly, take love for Shanghai, a new line on the website, just copy something, then throw a few links in various forums blogs, websites have included keywords and weights the ranking was also skyrocketed, the time for the webmaster is really very relaxed, this situation lasted about a year or so, love Shanghai The search engine began to respond.


loves Shanghai and Google have begun to analyze human intention

loves Shanghai and Google rivalry frequently update algorithm

in order to make the Internet a good development environment, seeing the white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon rivalry, love Shanghai and Google and other search engines have begun algorithm updates, Scindapsus algorithm and so on these what appeared, in this connection, just copy the contents, then throw a few links with era is not again, on the contrary, the webmaster began to pay attention to the readability of the content on the website, content is king view has produced, in this context, whether the search engine or Shanghai Dragon Technology in the market Chinese are considered to have certain progress, as the times after the change of progress.