Push magic website Tuiyou network directories help you three harvest

The magic of the

directory "TTUU贵族宝贝" webmaster nets under a submission is "magical" two words to describe, is due out value to far exceed the traditional directory submission site. A5 as a webmaster will be on the website platform, has always been adhering to the vital interests of all owners, do the most assured, caring, heart gratified stationmaster net. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as removed from here stationmaster, few did not get profits. And more recently launched the "Tuiyou network" which is a catalog of 408 sets to fast track optimization webmaster Association classification. The most amazing is the webmaster submitted quickness and humanity, but also bring the "three" Feng Shou as head of the big power!
A: the first high power
however, I do not know when the "submit" became an excellent catalogue of common agreement "". After all, China millions of websites, if will be unified into a set of statistical work center, undoubtedly formed a challenge. Therefore, the low weight website, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, grassroots station station, no door can only go to. Perhaps some people will ask, the other category is also a lot of love? Shanghai yisou a large, but the real high right site and geometry? Not once again rejected, is submitted to no avail. But the "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝) appear, just to make up for this vacancy. As a branch of stationmaster net, which is to uphold the webmaster will be on the website, webmasters catalogue most assured, considerate, satisfactory. Still included less cannot submit the worry? Just love Shanghai Tuiyou network submitted, Google also included more than two pages. Based on this point, it is for the owners made the first big power, high pass rate and humanity "convenient submission".