Liu Jinge the establishment of excellent program optimization team

In fact, this point and its First, the website program website connection

why should I put this in the first place? I don’t think I need to say we all know what the reason is, because he is the core component of the team. Directly involve the program website to optimize the component, but also the most important part of the website optimization, mainly from the site of the internal structure, web page compliance (optimize the internal structure of the website, website), website data in accordance with the sense of optimization of the site optimization is actually doing before the procedure should be done ahead of time.



site procedures are related, the website data is the site of the core part, because all things are related to the web site number, quantity, quality, data flow has a direct relation with big data, the relationship between them should be a little it is inseparable it! The source of the data content and site theme should comply with each other, but also to strengthen the development of complex data. When we look at the site of the data is more and more big, it shows that this website is more and more big, in general there are mainly 1. problems of 2. data connectivity; data maintenance; issue 3. reference data; 4. issues of concise data. Through these four points we can understand what is the data members of the task, the task is arduous, but also especially important.

second, website data

when I write this time, I also have this idea set up their own website optimization team, then try to take all experience to run the optimization team. Actually I’ve set up a team like this, probably because they do this before the team had a successful team plan, and finally led the team did not pick up the list, at the end of the part, so that the failures I summed up to be a success optimization of the team, it should pay attention to the following:

for the main relationship to the site of the program, but also is the core value of the site, which includes the database, development of the language and so on. A route is to direct the user experience, make it easy to see what you’ve done. Its main purpose is to the center of the user needs to connect to the important reference data, relatively close to the customer experience. And in the process we also need to pay attention to some problems: 1. connect statement; for example we use order or flashbacks or loop and so on, so that there should be many, this will depend on people love style. 2. the contents of the connection problem; that is not the same as the content of physical links and is not the same. 3. connection methods and the connection speed to the problems in this process, the faster the better, I this is related to our services that involve more in >